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It Turned Out the House Belonged to “ALIEN”

Dear Minecraft

As you know, there was something unmistakable about the sign on the wall in the mysterious house. Although it wasn’t written in caps, which would have been an immediate give away, a voice in the back of my head (I have a good portion of those now) told me this was one of the moon constructors.

So the next day I told this guy that I knew who had put the signs up. He listened with interest, as he had before whenever I shared with him news in the case but confronted with my suspicion, he didn’t flinch an inch.

Not until after the three week period of Minecraft play was officially over, did my hard pressure tactics (or the lack thereof) yield a result: It was the moon constructor after all who had sieged the opportunity to prompt some drama.

However, he had not built this house. Instead he enclosed that he knew who had and I urged him to let me know. It turned out the house belonged to “ALIEN”. I was never graced with the opportunity of meeting alien on our server myself, but apparently some of the others had actually encountered such a being and lived to tell the tale. Quoting our teacher (source):

“It was a lot of fun being in the world with the rest of the class today.  The most interesting part of the day was seeing an ALIEN (someone from another class) in the underground warren me and Chris were doing up and felt this surge of territorial fervour rise up.  The Alien got twacked over and over again.  Sadly, our warren was located right by the spawn point so he just kept coming back to knock holes in our wonderful hole and steal our stuff.  Much time was spent chasing after said alien (pointlessly).”

Well done for spotting an alien, they look so much like the rest of us, if they weren’t completely identical.

Later that week I attended a party, chatted with different people and since Minecraft at the time had had an impact on everyone in the entire year group, it was a natural point of conversation. One of the programmers, the guy that was nice to me regarding Portal, told me about being ganked over and over again on our server. He had been unable to speak to the gankers, as he was killed before he could type anything meaningful, eventually he had become pissed off and as a result effectively griefed back.

And a night of miniature havoc played out on our otherwise peaceful server:

“At some point alien got inside and started chopping down our One Tree (a tree chris planted inside the cave right by a little underground stream AND a pool of lava).  Chris decided to divert the lava into the warren and have us abandon it.By the time the lava got anywhere close to the bottom floor alien had gotten fed up and logged off”

The alien was kicked off the server afterwards and had apparently, before running into the gankers, built this little house on the island in the lake. Poor alien, I could tell he had spent a good portion of time nestling, and now he was exiled from this world.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the reasoning behind the house being so hidden, was that alien knew he was an alien, and that aliens usually get killed, especially in video games.

Your detective friend

– Ironyca Lee

One comment on “It Turned Out the House Belonged to “ALIEN”

  1. Döra
    April 19, 2011

    Haha – great end to a great story of Minecraft.
    “a voice in the back of my head (I have a good portion of those now)” – love these witticisms – lol

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