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Sims Legacy Gen 1.4 – Screwing up birthdays


Watch the Jollygreen house slowly expanding. 3 rooms! Buying the workbench with the intent of having Papa work on it, was a bit too optimistic of me. I thought he could earn some extra cash making woodwork on it, but having a job, family and garden to tend to, the workbench was rarely put to use.



With Joy’s little sister Janice, I added a new children’s room, which brings us up to a total of four rooms!



Rumours of the children’s room spread across town. This boy came around, bored both girls to sleep and proceeded to play with their toys for the rest of the evening.

Everything was going just fine until I screwed up. The sims didn’t misbehave and no random disasters blew up the house either. It was aaaall me.

I overlooked Papa’s birthday.

The man was devastated. Look at him! Urgh, I feel so guilty!


“It’s my birthday and nobody loves me. My wife is trolling on the computer. My kids are sleeping. There’s a random unknown kid playing in the children’s room.”

Papa went and cried out his pain under the duvet. Because of this, I made sure to remember to celebrate Nina’s birthday at the local club.

It went sort of… well… judge for yourself.


Nina: “Hey lady! Try a little harder, will ya?”

I also forgot to take screenshots of Joy aging up from child to teenager… Jeez, I have to pay more attention here!

Lessons learned: Remember to celebrate birthdays and remember to take all the pictures!

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