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Alphabear – Quality Mobile Word Game with all the Teddies!

If you love mobile games and Scrabble styled games – You have to play this! If you also like teddy bears – it’s a no-brainer! I am currently loving this … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in The Sims 4 – 24 hours of Playing

  I decided to give The Sims 4 a chance. After all, I had just paid a decent sized pouch of coins for it. I made two sims, who were … Continue reading

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4 Hours of playing The Sims 4 – First Reaction

I got a few days to myself, which I just wanted to spend slumming around my apartment playing games and doing creative stuff. I decided to buy the Sims 4 … Continue reading

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City2048 – Visualizing 2048 as a City Building Mobile Game

If you liked playing the browser game 2048, this mobile game might be for you. 2048 had a decent popularity surge to the point a bunch of spin-off games were … Continue reading

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Nordic Game Jam Live Streaming from the Final Awards

Watch Live at

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Interesting Stuff Found Online – Random Comic Generator

This Random Comic Generator is kind of addictive. I’ve already spent too much time trying to get the perfect combination.   Very below the belt. A little NSFW. But funny!

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What the hell happened to Elsa and Anna?

Originally posted on simon says play:
I haven’t yet seen the movie Frozen, but from what I understand it has a Disney princess named Elsa and she has a snowman…

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What Colour is it Right Now?

In case you ever wanted to know:  

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Cake art, San Francisco "LIDT VÆK" Thought for a moment someone was gonna burn down the building I live in. Thankfully everyone is safe. Firefighters still outside hours later. "Life is Strange" - on Steam 👍



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