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My WoW History

I’ve played on Argent Dawn (EU) since 2005 with a few months break here and there. Iv’e went through the almost obligatory phase of noobhood to being a raider. And now I’m rather casual.

I seek all the modes of experiental gameplay WoW has to offer, although the majority of my time online is spent raiding and pvp’ing. I have little experience from PvP servers, and did not like it – in fact, if I hadn’t discovered Argent Dawn, I would have stopped playing years ago.

At the time being, I have two level 85’s (Feb 2011): A priest and a shaman.

I have a peculiar attraction to hybrids. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m so obsessed about the aesthetic of my characters, I would have a paladin and druid by now also (I dislike the look of tree- and moonkin form, and don’t identify with the idea of wearing plate armor –  yeah, I’m picky)

Ironyca was fortunate enough to have hatched during her alter ego’s more enlightened but also more casual era.

She remains my favourite form of in cognito.


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