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Picture Policy

After my little plagiarism case, I’ve had a few bloggers ask me about how to deal with showing one of the screenshots posted here on their blog. I thought it would be helpful to outline how I see the “picture policy”.

I thought Rades’ (author of Orchish Army Knife) approach made a lot of sense, so I’ve adopted the same:

-Images that are unedited screenshots and does not include my characters by name are free for all (my gallery section fx), you can, but don’t have to, link here.
Essentially, anyone could have taken the screenshot, so I’ll spare you the hassle. I’ll usually touch up the pictures I use here, but no worries, if the edit isn’t obvious, it’s not an issue.

-If you want to use images that include my characters or that I have edited/modified in fx Photoshop, credit me.
Fx if I have put text on the picture, my character is in it with the name tag showing (which doesn’t happen very often) or it’s obvious there has been some editing or it says it was edited, then this applies.

-If you want to use images that I credit others for, credit them instead of me.
Since I wouldn’t be the owner of that picture, I’d say it makes more sense to just link directly to where the picture is originally from, or at least say where you found it.

I’ve made a habit of also hosting whatever picture I’m linking to, in case the original picture is lost later, but I do this while adding the owner’s link to the picture so that people can click it and it is opened at the original hosting address.

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