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Mog-spottting and Roleplay Gear Scouting on Argent Dawn

In just a few hours, we’re off to Argent Dawn EU with the WoW Factor (my home realm), so I’ve collected a variation of what I could find from seeing folks around and from the forums.

I chose to include both transmog and roleplay outfits, even though we can’t award a roleplay outfit any price at the event. Some people are disappointed by this, but it’s because we don’t think the grounds for a roleplay gear competition are fair. If you can wear plate, your choices are much bigger than a clothie, so we stick to transmog. It’s a shame really, because it could open up for a wider range of creativity, so I hope my gallery can shed some light on some really cool roleplay outfits here instead.

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3 comments on “Mog-spottting and Roleplay Gear Scouting on Argent Dawn

  1. Monerda
    July 9, 2012

    That was amazing and a ton or 1000 kilos of fun! I have never seen so many characters in one place in WoW and my head was spinning just walking around marvelling at all the cool transmog gear folks have put together. I cannot imagine being a judge and picking the winner because everyone did a fine job.

    I managed to take a few photos, not as many as I wanted to because I have to switch between fullscreen and windowed and stop/restart Photoshop each time to reduce my local lag but they can be seen at

    • Ironyca
      July 10, 2012

      Hehe, people thought the server would crash, I think someone even tried to report us for “trying to crash the server”, which is not our intention, of course! Being a judge this time was really hard, it was more difficult than usual to see everyone, people were standing so close to each other. And your photos are really nice, especially the one where Noelani is caught with his mouth open, haha!

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