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Do You Want Me to Play or Do You Want Me to Pay?

Dear Farmville

I should tell you, my first real harvest was a pleasure. I didn’t expect wheat, goji berries and what is that – strawberries? to grow that well.

This gave me a real sense of accomplishment and harvest time has since been the main reason I’m still hanging in there.

At first I took a dive into the idea about efficiency and maximizing my income, thinking that the more coins I earned, the better and bigger things I would be able to buy. I believed and hoped there would be some huge reward at the end. What had my mind boggling about your system though, was your repeated rewarding of weird achievements I didn’t even know about – not my hard labour. I put so much effort into managing the harvest time schedule, that I almost overlooked the fact you rewarded me more coins and xp for getting “ribbons”.

Okay then Farmville, I missed the mark, but I’ll just change my strategy! Now I’m going for xp, ‘cause I want to level up and when I level up I want to… eh… What then?

I reached level 12 today (“grats” – why thank you!), but I’m still waiting for the big revelation… when will it come Farmville? When will you be able to show me why I should keep spending time with you?

I hope you’re proud of me when I say this though: I’ve even taken it a step further, to be a better friend, although I have to say, you were not exactly subtle about it – You told me to get friends, more of them, in fact you LOVE when we all hang out together. I’m hoping this will show a different side to you, so I got Loggy McChopperson to play as well. Here’s me and Loggy (with the nice beard), although I know you’ve met him already.

I also allied myself with a pro, that is a level 70 farmer. If you can’t spot her, it’s because she’s dressed as a turkey, some kind of “go native” effect I suppose…

And visiting her farm made me realize what’s in store for me (literally): Lots of STUFF.

And here’s the deal Farmville, you’ve got that button that I know a lot of gamers hate: The I-Win-Button. I can farm and be a whole lot of efficient with my resources, but anyone can buy what can also be earned.

Let me give you an example: The Duck Pond

I bought this duck pond for 5000 coins. It awards 50 xp but requires a lot of help from my friends to build, depending on how many volunteer gift-givers I have.

To build this pond, I need 19 Watering Cans and 20 Shovels. These are not items I can buy with coins. I have a few options to finish the pond:

  • Either I rely on the helpfulness, or more often reciprocity, of my friends to give me ONE item per day (you can give one free gift to each of your friends a day).
  • Or I can build it faster the more my Farmville friends share on their Facebook walls, for me to loot. In this game, most of the looting (i. e. getting stuff) is done on the walls of people’s profiles. This can take quite some time, is rather grindy and requires a lot of Farmville-friends.
  • I can also press “ask for part” which will require people to press “accept”, yet again through Facebook. Apparently it has become the norm that people don’t ask for more than one item a day, as it is a rather spammy procedure. Again, the more friends the faster.
  • Or I can just buy them all, either piece by piece or by pressing the “complete now” button, which will ask me if I want to spend 39 Farm Cash to finish it straight away
  • Of course, as you award me ONE farm cash per level, I could also wait till level 40, but come on, no one has that kind of impulse control.

Phew… that was a lot of options Farmville, you surely make it seem simple *rolls eyes*.

There’s apparently another alternative to the whole build a duck pond, it’s also called “Duck Pond” but it’s purely purchased using Farm cash. The DIY version is at the upper right corner, while the I-Win-Button is at the lower left corner.

I now ask you Farmville, how do you explain the difference in xp? At level 12, my total accumulation of xp amounts to a mere 2194 as we speak. If I had cashed out the money as level 1, you would have given me 4000 xp up front, and I could have been at mid level 15 INSTANTLY!

And this little trend of yours runs as a straight line through your marketplace. You don’t want me for my good gaming skills, my efforts to play well, you only want to be friends with me for the sake of a glimpse of my wallet.

Just to be clear about it, underneath is a screenshot of your Farmville Cash Converter.

So, for my duck pond, which costs 40 farm cash, it would cost me 8,4 USD, given I would buy at the 55 cash exchange rate. Items ranging at these price levels are common.

Farmville – Do you want me to play or do you want me to pay?

Your empty piggy bank

– Ironyca Lee

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