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Who Lives Here… Besides Me?

Dear Minecraft

I hope you’re not mad at me for whining at you… in fact I’m writing you to apologize. I’ve realized that maybe you aren’t that bad in multiplayer.

I started out later than the others, so I hadn’t established a stable base yet. With the help of a benevolent co-player I could now seek shelter at the safe area right next to our spawnpoint. The community chest was also his work.

Is this the tale of a growing civilization?

The first thing I did, now that I had a safe zone, was to go explore with the specific purpose in mind to see the houses/caves/holes/dens of the other players.

The first house was nicely fenced, lit and appeared safe. Also it’s exciting when you can tell someone put effort into the design.

Not knowing who the resident was or whether they were home or not, made me hesitate. As I entered, I felt like an intruder, just wandering into other people’s households – how rude!

I know there’s no means of enforcing private space, no keys and locked doors in Minecraft, but private space can also be a border in your mind.

In my mind, I trespassed several of such borders. I sought out a few places of residence, and had the same experience every time. I could see their bedrooms, the stuff they had put away in their chests, I could even steal their stuff, mine their mines, if I wanted to. This was further than even Peeping Tom would have gone.

The last house I visited was well hidden. I spotted it one late evening by the two torches on the the side making it visible through the dense tree growth. Why was it so concealed … was it to keep someone like me away, to remain private?

To ease the awkwardness of my encroaching, I brought a flower as a gift.

My need for mystique was fulfilled, this was a good find! It was small but built with an eye for coziness, complete with a top bedroom and a few paintings. The owner wasn’t home, so I left the flower in their chest.

I have since tried to track down the resident of this house, but with no result.

Coming back to the house later, it looked untouched. Is it abandonded? Can I stay here?

I’ve put some of my more treasured stuff in the chest now, mined in the mine and slept in the bed.

Still feeling like a weirdo guest, I’m hoping this person will see the sign I put next to the door asking “Who lives here – besides me?”. I’m hoping they will accept me as their roomate, perhaps they will even reply.

But what if the original occupier doesn’t want me there? Should I leave or should I ignore it, as I am just as entitled to the space in multiplayer as Anyone else, even when that space has been built on and claimed?

I am in a dilemma.

Your apologetic, semi-hobo friend

– Ironyca Lee

3 comments on “Who Lives Here… Besides Me?

  1. Rades
    April 6, 2011

    I love how considerate you are of others’ property and houses, like bringing a flower as a gift. The signs are a great way of communicating without ever seeing each other! That is one of the best parts about multiplayer, being able to see what other people have created and how they’ve designed their homes. You get a really cool look into their personality, I find. :D

  2. ironyca
    April 6, 2011

    I agree, especially because I couldn’t always tell who had made what, so the every house remained a mystery until I found out who “owned” it, if ownership is even possible ;)
    The flower was mostly for gimmicks, however if someone took me as an enemy, the flower might make them see that I came with peace, haha.

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