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Too Geeky! – Not Geeky Enough!

I’ve always kept this blog separated from my WoW life and every day life in case I one day needed to vent or refer to something that I didn’t necessarily wanted the implicated people to read.

So here I am, happy that I chose to do it this way, ’cause now I need my anonymity.

Too Geeky!

I study at the IT University in Copenhagen. I didn’t start out here, I’m not into IT, even though people automatically always think I’m a tech genius if I mention this fact. I started further away at the hippie university studying communication and psychology – the Humanities.

At my previous university I remember reading a project-paper another group had done about friendships in Second Life and our group was meant to give them constructive criticism on the work they had done. I was genuinely interested in these things, having played WoW for a few years by then, thus having experienced virtual friendships first hand.

I quickly learned that my group mates were really nasty about it. I felt they didn’t know enough about the whole topic and what they did know, they quickly brushed away as being no-life’ish and pathetic. When we met up with the other group to discuss their work, I learned to my surprise that they too joked about the people they had interviewed: “seriously, who wants to be friends over the internet?”. I thought this was not only disrespectful to the people who had willingly agreed to help them, it was also incredibly ignorant and arrogant.

They all knew I played WoW, but to them I was rather low life as well, and trying to explain things usually resulted in a polite smile and a nod, and later a continuation of the same attitude.

However I liked this university, I made (other) friends, but one thing wasn’t right. I was too geeky.

Not Geeky Enough!

Fast forward to now, I enrolled at Copenhagen IT university studying games. See, this is where the geeks dwell, there are actual programmers here, insane computer experts …EVERYTHING! I felt terrified about meeting the other students for the first time, and realized later that most courses require that you have a profound knowledge of not only a lot of digital games, but also a wide variety of genres. I have none of that. It doesn’t take long before you become used to it and automatically interrupt the phrase “have you ever played…. ” with a quick “no”.

It doesn’t make it better that WoW by many of them is considered slightly on the uncool side of games one could play (The street cred right now goes to Dead Space 2, and no I haven’t played it ;) ). A good portion used to play WoW but left the game years ago, so effectively I’m now known as the WoW-player, a little obvious and not very sophisticated.

I’m definately not part of the cool gang, I don’t really appreciate anime, so I avoid attending the anime movie nights, I don’t play the coooool games (always a First-Person Shooter), I don’t know that much about Star Wars (yes, this one still fares) and apparently to be the real deal geek’alicious, I should have known what a Companion Cube was.

This information was brought upon me recently, while talking to a guy on my course. He brought it up and as I flagged myself not knowing about the Companion Cube, his jaw dropped and while flapping his arms he loudly declared this to be impossible

This guy’s strong reaction was gaining the attention of two of the programmers sitting behind us, they caught the fuzz, but didn’t jump on the crazy wagon of let’s tease the ignorant one. One of them just leaned over and informed me that this item was from a game called Portal, which he strongly recommended as a good game.

I was thankful for this guy’s reaction, contrary to the other one, who was still advertizing the ridicule ride. But this was not the first time it had happened, nor will it be the last.

Here I have one major flaw, easily revealed for public display amongst experts: I am not geeky enough!

There’s a lot of things wrong with me, that prevents my initiation into true geek-hood. I found a humorous cut-out which is part of The 56 Geeks Project, and it perfectly exemplifies one of my faults: I’m not a dude.

Three or so out of the total of 56 are female, pretty much the story of my class – around 57 students, six are female. I stand out amongst my fellow study buddies like a newly hatched alt in the company of raiders, and even though there is no such title as “Ironyca the Noob”, one can tell from the clumsiness that I am a real-life-geek-noob. The artist should really put that in as 57!

How ironic that the 56 geeks above, in my opinion, doesn’t show “geek” per se, but a bunch of separate geek categories, a few overlapping, but most of them probably wouldn’t consider the others as geek-kin (confer the model below).

It’s hard being constantly reminded that you don’t fit in, that you’re not “the right kind”. Part of sticking to what I do, is a matter of ignoring the glaring misfitting, raise my game literacy, trust and believe that the combination of my past and present will yield me something useful and perhaps more unique.

But I must say, I’m tired of their obsession with being geek’ish. I’m fed up with whenever they find it necessary to mark the line of where geek begins and especially where it ends i. e. right before my feet.

4 comments on “Too Geeky! – Not Geeky Enough!

  1. Tabathine
    March 16, 2011

    I totally feel you. I don’t go to a tech school, but get that feeling right in my own guild. I have dabbled in Sims. I’ve played Zelda a few times on a friends house. I owned a gameboy when I was 12. Other than that WoW is the only mmo I’ve ever played. Oh, and as for gaming consoles, yeah… Wii and my Mac. It’s kinda now a given that they will have to explain to me what they are talking about when it comes to endless movie referances, anime, other gaming consoles, or other games. I’ve tried hanging out with my irl friend who got me into WoW’s friends, but I’m lost as all they talk about is anime and the newest… um… is it now… idk. It would be nice to find a group people who are part time geeks, we like to game, we like to chat about it, and try out new games, but where not knowing something isn’t treated as a crime punishable by trolling. Love your blogs btw :)

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