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Sims Legacy Gen 1.2 – Move into my Public Toilet with Me!

sims 4

Heey guurl!

Papa and Nina really hit it off quickly. Despite her mean and snobbish traits, she never mistreated Papa. I had grown so fond of him, that I really wanted him to have a nice wife. Nina was good, they liked each other.

The challenge puts you into this really ruthless mindset about other sims – are they useful to your sim or not? Do they have decent child bearing capabilities? At this point I realized that a matriarch would have been easier to start off with. You know her age and for how long she would still be fertile. Males are fertile into their elder years, women are not, so they are more of a wild card, when you have to scout one out in the neighbourhood.


Papa feeling very comfortable around Nina

I had also chosen to not have my sims have sex before marriage, just to add to the archaic style of procreation of this challenge. No (green) children outside of marriage!

As such, these sims need to marry young! No time to waste!


Do you want to marry me, move into my public toilet and have my green children?

Well, despite being butt poor, Papa is a keeper. Nina said yes!


Promise you’ll have my green children!

Papa had the sense to host the wedding at the rich neighbours’ lot, instead of his own.


“Well, at least I’m not living in my mom’s basement anymore!”

Which gave him the delightful opportunity to sneak onto the computer during his wedding for a little late night trolling.


“Rick Astley again? I love this song!”

Papa is off to a great start. Now for the green children!

Lesson learned: It’s easier to start off with a matriarch.

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