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I Told You We Would Celebrate, Didn’t I?

Dear GTA

Before we part our ways, I want to end it with a bang including “gunsgunsguns” and “giveusatank”, and surely we got one!

What you see in the picture, is me taking down a whole sidewalk. People will often try and stunt-jump away, but most of them got splattet out, and when I use that description, it’s because it matched the noise it made. I thought that was a bit gross.

This was a selfimposed challenge really: I wanted to try and play subversively, which means to not play in alignment with the intention of the game. I wanted both of us to go crazy and you to throw everything you had at me, but getting there proved to not be that easy.

As you know GTA, I killed so many people, pedestrians, any random vehicle in my way and lots of policecars …lots. If there was one thing you really loved doing, it was deploying innumerable swarms of policecars. But seriously GTA, they all exploded when they came in contact with my tank, it wasn’t even a challenge! Are you suicidal or something?

It only got a bit harder when you stacked up some barricades:

The SWAT team eh?

I also had a hellicopter chasing me at this point, which was also useless.

As the picture shows, I had four stars, but I wanted the full range, I wanted to see the complete artillery… you know, I wanted to be the Most Wanted person EVER!

But the problem was, I couldn’t get more than four stars, I went pedestrian hunting again, more policecars, more of everything I could think of – and nothing worked.

I successfully escaped every one of your nifty tricks to get me snatched, and little did I know that my demise would come in the form of the Village People builder.

Hey!? It was a moment of hesitation, my tank was almost standing still and this guy runs over and tosses me on the ground – must have been the money I robbed him a week earlier… hmmm..

Police quickly took me down after he pulled me out, and I never reached six stars. Do you not believe I can handle it?

I then decided to go hunt on my own since I now had all the weapons available.

The sniper was my favorite, one shot and they were dead. I also think the percieved safety of the distance made this form of killing work well with me. The picture above shows me headshotting prostitutes (I guess you would call them “my girls”), for absolutely no other reason than them being there.

Surviving on the streets while killing anything that moved, had me dead myself very quickly. You turned out to be quite efficient then, I must say. Or maybe I still need some training.

I didn’t particularly enjoy this form of play and although I didn’t really experience guilt about it either, it got boring really fast and felt quite empty, but I bet you had a blast!!

I told you we would celebrate your ten year anniversary, didn’t I?

Your mass-murderer-friend

– Ironyca Lee

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