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Now That We’ve Met, I Guess I Can Call You GTA?

Dear Grand Theft Auto

I went to the library today, I actually didn’t think you were the type to hang out around books, ‘cause you’re different, you’re a game.

But you were there! So I took a picture of us shaking hands.

I realised you had your own fancy section, where you and the rest of the gang were chillin’. What I didn’t know was that most of your pals were soldiers.

All of you came across as serious business, I mean …Pegi ratings of 18+ for most of you. Also Grand Theft Auto, you had this red box above your title (you can see it on the picture of our first meeting) stating that you had:

Extremely violent content! Should neither be purchased nor used by people under the age of 18. (my translation)

Your cover was done in a cartoony style, I liked that, but there was an abundance of weaponry and fire and explosions and cars and helicopters and …is that a flying boat? I mean, every single person on your cover was weilding a gun – except one… he was holding a bat…

It looks like I meet you in your third incarnation, you like to reinvent yourself once in a while, to stay at the forefront of things. In your industry, it’s all about getting better, faster, wilder every year, so I understand your POW, WROOM and bling bling. I hear you’ve done it again, you’re on to your fourth go? Anyhow, I’ll have to do with your old self from 2001. That’s a 10 year anniversary (wow that’s old), we should celebrate!

Now that we’ve met, I guess I can call you GTA? MC GTA the Third, yo!

Your new friend

– Ironyca Lee

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