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Alphabear – Quality Mobile Word Game with all the Teddies!

spryfox alphabear

If you love mobile games and Scrabble styled games – You have to play this!

If you also like teddy bears – it’s a no-brainer!

I am currently loving this new game called Alphabear.

It’s made by Spryfox, a company who has also made another great game called Triple Town using a similar bear graphic. Both games have the mapping layout in common. You’re given a square space as a your game board and the bears take up or block some of that 2D space.

I get the impression that Triple Town actually inspired the designers to produce Alphabear, and thus, both games carry a striking resemblance, which gives the company’s games a signature look – this adorable bear design.

Screenshot_2015-07-22-00-24-44This is not one of those ad-heavy games. What you are playing is a trial version, which will automatically limit the number of games you can play. If you choose to pay, you get unlimited honey – a game-currency which you use to start up a round and thus you have access to the full game. No ads whatsoever.

You spell words using the letters given to you on the board. The number on the letter tile indicates the amount of turns left before the letter freezes into a stone tile, and then the letter is unusable.

As you make words, the bears grow bigger and take up more space. When you get a score, you will get a much better multiplier if you can get one big bear. Stone tiles block the bears and you will instead get several smaller bears, and therefore also a lesser score.

New letters pop up around the borders of the bears, which change the possible words you can make. A star on the board gives the letter a much longer round.

At the end, you get a bear as a reward. These are drops, and some bears are rarer than others. You can choose three bears to give you various advantages during your next game.

Spryfox AlphabearThe game is divided into “chapters”, which are actually levels. I’m currently on chapter 5. Each chapter opens up for new bears to drop.

What I like about it is the 2D layout of the game, the unlocking of the letters and how it forces you to plan ahead and prioritize your options. For example, you don’t want to end up with three H’s you have to use up in the next round.

The style is also very clean and modern looking. The designers have prioritized putting in cute animations, neat sounds and a little generated tweet after each game using some of the words you spelled (see bottom of post for examples).

It’s a very suitable game for playing when commuting or other activities that may interrupt you. “Interruptibility” is a quality I value in my choice of mobile games.

Alphabear does also feature timed rounds, but they are only a few minutes long. Having both game modes allow for the option to pick if you’re in the mood for a speedy thrill, or more careful planning and time to really put together longer words.

What I don’t like about it is that it forcibly slows my progression. I am a mobile game addict, I wanna play when I wanna play! Time as a mechanic is very common in mobile games (the “waiting game”) and I’m getting a little tired of it. I’m not convinced I’d get bored with Alphabear quickly either. The game in itself, even without level progression, is good. Having bears drop like loot motivates the completionists. The game board varies enough through the levels. And right now I’m looking at a long haul before I can progress to chapter 6. I love your game – gimme chapter 6 already!

So yeah, besides having a strong game mechanic, Alphabear has also got cute art and dimple-worthy content. Mobile games come in all forms, from rubbish to remarkable. This one is solid – much better than your average bear!

Get it here:

Google Play – Android

iTunes – iOs

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