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Fear and Loathing in The Sims 4 – 24 hours of Playing

Sims 4

My sim harassing a random child on the street


I decided to give The Sims 4 a chance. After all, I had just paid a decent sized pouch of coins for it.

I made two sims, who were going to be my first guinea pigs. Ene and Ooh My. They are siblings with only a few days in between birthdays (what ever way that’s possible…?).

  • Ooh My is the guy, a lazy goofy dude, whom I sent into the comedian track.
  • Ene My is the girl, a devious and calculated aspiring criminal.
Mood states and whims. Ooh My is feeling pretty playful. I liked this feature, although still very similar to Wishes in Sims 3.

Mood states and whims. Ooh My is feeling pretty playful here. I liked this feature, although still very similar to Wants in Sims 3.

Ooh My was pretty straight forward to play. The laziness was not even a hindrance to his progress, once in a while he wanted to take a “lazy nap”. And of course I let him, lazy naps are the best!

Ene My was much more difficult. As a daily task for her career advancement, she needed to perform mischievous or mean actions to other sims.

Because I didn’t want her and her brothers’ relationship to be wrecked, I had her be mean to other random sims. In fact, because public lots don’t have enough to do on them and they have a loading screen, it was easier to have her run out onto the street in front of their house and just harass random people.

The Sims 4 angry sim

Red haired lady up next!


Fear and loathing in Oasis Springs.


Ene My being satisfied with her latest victims reaction.


Trolling on forums – a fun-increasing activity that I’ve seen every sim choose of their own volition as the first thing they do on the computer. An embedded value or just random chance?


Ene My became a very skilled troll


Lessons learned:

Playing a deviant sim is hard. I would find myself in various dilemmas. Often what Ene My wanted, also seemed counter intuitive to her overall progression in life. Besides, whoever’s been reading this blog for a while will know I find it difficult to act immoral in games, for reasons I have yet to fully understand.

Becoming rich is even harder! Two sims with normal lifespan aging toggled on in the same household, both prioritizing their careers, should amass a decent amount of simoleons before they die. My two sims both entered old age while still living in sim-poverty. And I had them pushing that career so much that Ooh My never got a girlfriend, never had his first kiss even. Ene My kissed a guy once! Of course it was some doofus off the street, whom she exploited for lulz afterwards. It seems The Sims 4 is forcing you to choose either family or a laborious career if you’re running your game with the normal lifespan setting.

Another embedded value or imbalanced game design?

You will be washing your own dishes. You can get a maid to do it for you, but no dishwasher for you, buddy! The missing dishwasher is, along with a lot of other missing items, sourly noted by long term Sims fans.

Public lots are not worth the visit. In fact I suspect they slow progression for your other sims, if you are running a multiple-sim household. In order to not distort the age differences, the game has to figure out what happens to your other sims, while you are away playing one of them, thus I think their life just uneventfully passes meanwhile.

Needs are very balanced. I found my sims able to keep a decent sleep rhythm, I found their basic needs framing their lives, but not controlling everything. This is a positive!

You can only buy mediocre rewards in the “Sim Satisfaction Store” (such as steel bladder etc). These rewards do make your sims’ life easier, but not any more interesting. The robots I bought in Sims 3 were via this method, and much more substantial to the game play.



“Are you telling me I have to do my own dishes, only go out to work and that my criminal career will NOT make me filthy rich?”


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