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My Parents Would Call You Bad Company

Dear Grand Theft Auto

I havn’t met you yet, but our first meeting won’t be as most people think, when I click “play”, but rather when I pick you up at the library tomorrow, unless someone else is taking you out.

Don’t take offense, but I will give you the elevator look, to see if you’re my type to begin with. And I admit, I am not very fond of your type of game, meeting and hanging out with you, will be a challenge to me. I know this because I’ve heard about you before. You’ve made quite a name for yourself, not to mention all the rumours.

There’s certain “qualities” of yours which I don’t appreciate as much as other players do. You like guns and violence and I’m scared that you’ll have me shoot or beat someone up. My parents would call you bad company.

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to your sandbox, I like sand – lot’s of it! I also like that you’re in third person, it’s my favourite.

See this is why I’m giving you a chance, this is why maybe I can be friends with someone like you. I havn’t googled your name yet though, so I havn’t read through the dirt of your old enemies calling you out on your bad style, your low morals or whatever people have on you (but I will soon).

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Your soon to be friend

– Ironyca Lee

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