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Vashj’ir and the Fish-faces

I went to Vashj’ir when I began my leveling journey, and I had heard many opinions about this zone, so I wasn’t sure what to expect myself. Some said it’s beautiful while some hate it. Personally I was dreading the whole idea of the plane being 3D. Mobs are not only to the left, right, front or behind, they can be ABOVE OR BELOW YOU!

…I know, it’s a whole new way of thinking – definitely outside of the box.

But I went and I actually really enjoyed the zone. I thought I would pull more mobs because I wouldn’t be able to position myself properly, but it actually didn’t happen, nor did swimming through the zone on the seahorse leave a trail of angry fish behind me.

Speaking of fish, have you noticed the little fish-couple outside some of the underground caves? They swim close to each other and look so happy . The female fish has little eyelashes. They’re small so they don’t spring immediately to your eyes, so I took a picture to put here, along with some other fish with funny faces.

The Faces of the Vashj’ir Fish

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Happy leveling to the not already level 85 people!

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