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The Myths and Urban Legends of WoW Overview Page

This page is an overview listing of all of my articles on myths, urban legends and other rumors in WoW. It’s an attempt to collect and investigate the various mystifying stories that have emerged over time.

Articles are added along the way as I write them:

  1. The Secret Cellar
  2. The Bengal Tiger Cave
  3. “Don’t Talk to the Students”

I tried to make a distinction between myths, urban legends and rumors at first, but in some cases I couldn’t tell the difference and ended up using these concept interchangeably anyways. When researching, I would find people talking about these stories as either, so I’m letting it be up to the reader under what definition a particular story belongs.

Edit: July 18th 2012

5 comments on “The Myths and Urban Legends of WoW Overview Page

  1. Matty
    July 16, 2012

    What a fascinating paradox–a virtual fantasy world having its own fantastical urban legends. I am a huge fan of this phenomenon, cargo cults, and goofy reality TV shows on the hunt for Bigfoot. I am concerned about the caged bones in the Darkmoon Faire forest, and some of the piles of curious bits and pieces in Azeroth…many mysteries are unexplained, which is part of its charm.

  2. Matty
    July 16, 2012

    …and these are much more imaginative Google searches than some that have skittered across my blog…

  3. Ooh, very interested to keep tabs on this. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on such curiosities! :)

    • Ironyca
      July 17, 2012

      Some are like real urban legends, where someone clearly added “fake” information to have the story grow. Some are pretty simple, but it’s alot of fun.
      WoW Insider has actually covered a few really well.

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