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City2048 – Visualizing 2048 as a City Building Mobile Game


Based on my highscore, I’m only halfway there.

If you liked playing the browser game 2048, this mobile game might be for you.

2048 had a decent popularity surge to the point a bunch of spin-off games were popping up. Thus this neat mobile game is not so much a spin-off as a skin or a new way of visualizing it.

I find it very aesthetic, but of course the learning perspective of the binary system is now hidden, yet I found myself intrigued with how my city grew skyscrapers, as opposed to just numbers.

You just swipe your finger across the screen when you want to move your blocks around.

It’s free, and ad-free last time I checked. Works great in gaps of time, commuting etc. You can exit the game and continue on another time.

Even though I don’t play this one regularly, it’s one of the mobile games I’ve chosen not to delete again after trying it out. I like keeping it available, until I have completed it.

I wrote a strategy guide on how to complete the original 2048 game, it works the same way on mobile.

city 2048 icon

city 2048 icon

I want to write more about mobile games. I play so many of them it would be obvious for me to start building a little online catalogue of what I enjoy. Short articles. Everyone who’s dabbled in mobile games knows there’s a lot of games that are just not worth your time, or they only suit a very narrow audience.

In addition I have a lot of games I chose for the library tablets the kids play on, that I estimated would match the library space (games with time-management as a mechanic are for example not suitable). The library space favours brief pick up and play sessions, as opposed to in depth long term usage.

And in fact, City2048 is a good pick-up-and-play game!

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