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Tiny Tower : Vegas – The Problem is, It Doesn’t Suck

simon says play

Except it does. Kind of.

Ground floor of the Tower of Crushed Dreams Ground floor of the Tower of Crushed Dreams

Here’s the deal: Tiny Tower is a mightily cute game where you “manage” and build a highrise floor by floor, ostensibly in Las Vegas. Your cute little pixelized building is filled to the gills with adorable little people that walk through the door on the ground floor and mill around aimlessly in the lobby until you give them a job of some kind (or kick them to the curb).

I like the little folks who stroll in off the street.  They’re usually wearing some crazy little outfit. They have gumption.  You can see their skills in different areas (like entertainment, retail, etc) and some of them are just terrible at their jobs.  But, you gotta question their aspirations, walking in off the strip (possibly drunk), stars in their eyes and claiming that their dream job is flipping…

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