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Game developer Zoe Quinn is the latest target of the Great Internet Lady Harassment Machine

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Sometimes it seems like the internet, or at least huge portions of it, is essentially a giant harassment machine, directed primarily at women.

This week, the target of the Great Internet Lady Harassment Machine is game developer Zoe Quinn. Quinn, best known as the creator of the text-based Depression Quest, faced down two previous waves of harassment from gamer dudes who were angry about her game, for some gamer-dude reasons I can’t claim to understand, and who grew even angrier after Quinn spoke publicly about being harassed.

Her harassers claimed that she was lying about being harassed previously, and apparently figured there was no better way to prove that she hadn’t been harassed in the first place than by harassing her about her claims of harassment. I’m sorry if that’s confusing, but the “logic” of internet assholes tends to be a bit circular.

The latest wave…

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4 comments on “Game developer Zoe Quinn is the latest target of the Great Internet Lady Harassment Machine

  1. Vanessa Anne Blaylock
    September 3, 2014

    Mean people suck.

    Except it’s cool when they’re such total idiots that they actually force Ironyca to post something on her blog! (iRez is kinda hibernating too, btw)

    Oh Hi! Hey Ironyca, howzit!? A week from Saturday, on the 13th we’re having the first of a monthly “Avatar Hangout” — it’s kind of like a Google Video Hangout, except since we’re already in-world we don’t actually need Google or Video… we just hangout.

    The idea actually is inspired by Google Hangouts though. That as life, RL or VR, keeps moving you often lose touch with friends and wouldn’t it be nice to catch up / compare notes / meet a few new peeps. Many, but definitely not all of them, will be in SL. So, wanna drop by?

    Also, to compliment the monthly hangouts I’ve put up a very chat / discussion-friendly website where any of us can Say Hi, Spout Off, Leave Links, etc. It’s very fast / easy / lite. Would you like to be added?

    Love all your tumblr stuff BTW – such a “library” you’ve created over there!!

    • Ironyca
      September 15, 2014

      Hey Vaneeesa!
      Thanks for your comment, and sorry for the late reply, just started a new job, so I’m both busy and exhausted, which is nice for a change, haha.
      I would certainly like to be added, and would also like to drop by the hang outs. I really need to write an update post! Lots of things! So many things! :D

      • Vanessa Anne Blaylock
        September 25, 2014

        Hiii, just added you to, the website should send you Username & Password. Feel free to post anything!

        Meanwhile, here’s an interesting Intro 2 Haptics class using the Stanford “Hapkit”. It’d be cool to have someone else from a Virtual World take the class and see if we can get the Hapkits to talk and do something interesting.

        LMK if you or anyone you can think of might be interested:


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