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Myths and Urban Legends in WoW – “Don’t Talk to the Students”

  • Don’t talk to any of the students in Scholomance – they will aggro the entire room!

Since Scholomance has undergone a complete revamp with patch 5.0.4, I thought this old myth would be a good one to pull up next. It’s important to note that most of the information in this article will therefore not correspond to what you can find in the game currently.

In the part of Scholomance called The Viewing Room there were several groups of students standing in groups of about 3-5 around a small campfire. They came in different races, even the old high elf model, as seen to the right, which I’m not even sure exists in the game anymore. They were elite and had substantial health pools for their level, but they were all neutral to you.

Near the entrance to the room, an elevated scene was situated. Here stood two bosses. One of them, Marduk Blackpool, was an undead death knight. The other a skeletal necromancy trainer named Vectus. These two were also neutral to you.

So what happened if you spoke to the students, or for that matter the teachers? Did the entire room turn against you? – actually not.

  • If you spoke to Marduk, he would be brief and say something like: “Your future is clouded. Concentrate, and ask again.” and “You don’t look like a student…“.
  • If you spoke to Vectus, he would also note your lack of proper clothing and say “What, may I ask, are you doing here? Put on your student’s attire, and study!” and “Be silent! Do you think our plagued dragons will hatch and train themselves?”.
  • And finally, if you spoke to any of the students, they would say things like: “Did you forget your student’s attire? Do you think fashion is more vital than the Scourge’s domination?” and ““Be silent! I cannot afford to miss even a moment of this lecture!”. Or you might run into one of the less obsessive students:Did you finish yesterday’s assignment? If so, then sit by me!.

    An actual screenshot of a student from old Scholomance. Image is from Wowhead.

Even though some of them would try and correct your fashion style (hey, the high elf robe up above does look pretty good!), or that Marduk can sense that something is wrong, you’re free to walk around and chat all day if you want. You can, for example, listen in on Vectus’ lecture:

When preparing the dragon’s meal, be sure to torture the prisoner in view of the dragon. It responds well to pre-meal entertainment.” and “From yesterday’s field trip, Marduk showed us that the dragons will tolerate the meat of recently killed humanoids, but only if they died slowly and painfully.

But if you can talk to everyone and no one will attack because of it, how did this myth come to be then?

Well, the encounter was unusual in that everyone was neutral and if you did attack either Marduk or Vectus, all the students would come to their rescue. So it was possible to aggro the entire room, just not by being a chatterbox. However, there are some conflicting stories on Wowhead about turning Vectus hostile from talking to him three times. Someone else said that three times didn’t cut it, but if you kept at it eventually he would become hostile. The Wowpedia article on The Viewing Room claims that all these versions are false.

The reason everyone was so careful not pull the entire room, was because the students were quite hard, people reported they were capable of killing a lvl 80 as a group. It was possible to clear the room a few students at a time in order to then kill the bosses, but it would take a while.

You could also clear the room in an alternative way. It involved a consumable item called Alexi’s Gambit, which you gained access to after completing a long quest-line (did I mention this was Vanilla content?). This item allowed you to turn all the students into weaker non-elite skeletons that made clearing the room a lot easier as people could just AoE them down. When the gambit was activated, everyone would also turn hostile to you. Here’s a short Xfire video by nobodymk2 showing the effect of the gambit on the students.

The myth may have arisen over confusion about how to tackle this encounter, or it may have been dungeons masters who didn’t want to risk anyone pulling the bosses prematurely, and so instructed the party to not click any mobs. For whatever reason this must have turned into a dogma no one wanted to challenge, because testing it was at the risk of wiping the group.

With the change to Scholomance, the viewing room was also implemented in the new version, but it now looks substantially different. The students are now being lectured in alchemy by Professor Slate, the Potions Master, in a new and fancy auditorium. Despite the better surroundings for learning, the students are not as excited about Slate as they were about Marduk and Vectus – here all of them are bored.

This time around, they are not foolish enough to mistake any of us as one of them, so they are all hostile right off the bat. They are still standing around in study groups and will attack together, however, initiating one of them does not aggro the whole room.

Also, Contrary to old Scholomance, these students do not care if you kill Professor Slate. Whether that’s because they are half asleep and not paying attention or because they secretly wish he was dead, we will not know.

Neither the bored students nor their teacher Professor Slate will talk to you, so this old myth has become history with the old version of this dungeon.

Finally to commemorate old Scholomance, I found this nice video by which gives a short glimpse of how it used to be.

4 comments on “Myths and Urban Legends in WoW – “Don’t Talk to the Students”

  1. Xanader-feathermoon
    November 9, 2012

    Professor slate, bored students, potion class? Sounds like a Harry potter nod maybe?

  2. jn2guru
    May 10, 2014

    Thank’s for linking to my video! I was going for Loremaster back in the day (as you can see 499/500 quests), so naturally I did some very ancient quests. With Mists of Pandaria and Cataclysm, I’m not even sure if this content is even still accessible (and some of the dungeon may even be part of dungeon finder now?) I thought the animation was going to be cool, so I started recording it with Xfire.
    As I am in the process of cleaning up old profiles of myself on the Internet for professionalism, I may remove the video and/or profile which contains the video. Let me know if you want me to upload it to my Youtube channel.

    • Ironyca
      June 25, 2014

      Hello there :D I’ll take you up on the offer of keeping the video online somewhere, let me know the new url and I’ll replace the old one. And thank you!

      • jn2guru
        June 28, 2014

        The new link is . I hope it’s not too out of place there, by now that whole place has probably been Dungeon Finder enhancedâ„¢ ages ago. (You may also replace “nobodymk2″ with “jn2guru”, but I really don’t have a preference.)

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