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MogOlympics – 12 Highlights

I looked through the whole blog, where every MogOlympics contestant has their own page, and picked out a bunch of mogs that stood out to me for various reasons. Since I didn’t want to write a gigantic blog post, I picked out 12 that I thought I’d say a little bit about. This is not to say that these are my 12 overall favourites, it’s more an opportunity for me to throw some more praise around. I don’t think I would be able to pick my favourites anyways, there were so many really strong mogs, it would be too hard!

Generally I thought the tabard mogs were really good. I picked out these three as I think they are strong, but each in their own way.

  • In the first one, the colors are represented everywhere and several times in the outfit, especially the green stands out to me. If you took the tabard off, it would probably still work.
  • In the second one, the tabard is the center piece and taking the tabard off, would probably cut the mog in half in terms of colors. I think it’s a great example of how just one key piece can make the whole thing come together.
  • The last one shows how you can go for one color alone, here it’s a range of brown hues that define the whole mog in a way that can make it look as if all the pieces were meant to go together. The tabard blends seamlessly with the rest.

The mogs above, I think, represent a variety from really simple to really elaborate to clearly themed.

The MogOlympics overview page can be found at Amateur Azerothian, the creator and driving force behind the initiative.

12 comments on “MogOlympics – 12 Highlights

  1. tomeoftheancient
    September 8, 2012

    Thanks for this, I really enjoyed getting to read comments on individual outfits. Really nice to sit back and enjoy them from another point of view and not have to worry about scoring them!

    • Ironyca
      September 9, 2012

      Haha that’s exactly how I felt with MogOlympics, I really enjoyed being the audience, and when I looked through all the entries, I thought to myself that scoring them would have been incredibly hard.

      You had 47*9 outfits to score. That’s approximately equal to 13 WoW Factor shows (we give gold to approximately 33 people per show, we look at about 100, but we only give an in depth evaluation of between 30-40) – basically you scored what was equal to 3-4 months of doing the WoW Factor, that’s about half of our entire catalog! I hope that put your judging process and work load into perspective! :D

  2. kamaliaetalia
    September 8, 2012

    Thank you for your kind words! I had fun with those two outfits, certainly. :)

    I also really like that Discus outfit. The pieces are relatively plain, but it sure looks good!

    I’m becoming rather fond of the helm model in that Archery outfit — I should try to get my hands on one.

    • Ironyca
      September 9, 2012

      I was looking at your black fencer too, as opposed to Draynee’s white fencer and realized that I would then have three Kamalia outfits out of 12 in this little gallery, haha! Oh well, you know I think your entries were brilliant.

  3. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    September 8, 2012

    Yay! Everybody loves Mogolympics!

    • Ironyca
      September 9, 2012

      I suspect you Second Lifers love high heeled shoes more ;)

      • Vaneeesa Blaylock
        September 9, 2012

        Oh no! Those things are TERRIBLE on your spine! Who’d be foolish enough to wear shoes that hurt and mess you up? Nobody’s THAT vain!!

        /me cackles!

  4. Navimie
    September 9, 2012

    Oh Ironyca :) thank you for the positive support on my choice of dressing my flag bearer – as I said, it was quite controversial, even though I liked it a lot :)

    • Ironyca
      September 10, 2012

      I really like it, it’s not an obvious match, but with the tabard, it all makes sense, at least to me :)

  5. prettyflydraenei
    September 9, 2012

    Great commentary Ironyca! I have to especially thank you for posting this, because I did not know ALL the factions were up on the site. I was clicking the categories on the right, and they don’t work, lol. Thanks again for the kind words about little Gnomy too :)

  6. Argo aka EPP
    September 9, 2012

    Thank you for your attention to my modest Discus outfit, Ironyca!
    I am a big fan of simple outfits but they are often not shiny enough to get noticed.

    Also I was amazed at how similar (but different at the same time) were Kamalia’s and mine sets for the equestrian event, and they only have how many… 2 pieces in common (and a shirt :)

    I still haven’t looked through every outfit, taking my time to spot all the little details.

    • Ironyca
      September 10, 2012

      Simple mogs definitely have their advantages, fx they can make a really elaborate weapon stand out, or they can emphasize a certain chosen piece, such as shoulders.
      For example the tauren javeling thrower, his weapon is really simple and I like that, it allows for the outfit to not become too “noisy” in a way.

      Also, since a lot of people are going for the more elaborate tier and PvP sets, a simpler BoE mog can actually make you stand out in the crowd anyways.

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