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“Gimme Six!” – A Tourist Guide to WoW pt. 1 – Spectacular Nature

I’ve written this first part of a WoW tourist guide trying to convey WoW as a travel destination for non-players. This was actually quite a challenge to write and needed a few edits before I was happy with it. A good exercise though, both in coming up with suitable destinations, but also trying to explain why they are interesting, both lore-wise and within the 7 year gaming history of WoW.

I Rez Therefore I Am

Vaneeesa has asked the iRez authors to “share 6 of their favorite, must see, places in virtual space.

This is the World of Warcraft version.

One of the biggest differences between WoW and non-gamified environments, is that the world of Azeroth is largely a hostile place based on conflict, you can die in WoW and if you live here, you will die a lot. Players will have to choose between two factions – the Horde and the Alliance, featuring different races for each. Horde and Alliance are in opposition and continuously fight each other, but have been known to cooperate against greater evil.

Also keep in mind that WoW very much closes around its own universe. When visiting it’s like stepping into a new country, people say weird abbreviated things, the language and norms can be different from other virtual worlds, but if you’ve visited one MMORPG, you’ll…

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