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Did They Knit and Paint Watercolors too?

Stranglethorn had been hard on Elford, and aiding Southern Barrens was not much different. He had tasted the fires of Deathwing and Sleeping conditions compared to Fort Livingston were only slightly better.

How could these people call themselves Innkeepers? He promised himself that he would leave this area as soon as possible.

Not far from Northwatch Hold Elford spotted a mangled body on the ground. The tabard made it clear the man came from Northwatch.

Nope, he had no loot.

Instead Elford found a cargo manifest describing sundries needed on the front.

Normally he wouldn’t go out of his way to investigate such an incident unless he would gain something himself, but this was an obvious opportunity to get more of his lost reputation with Stormwind back, if he could prove extra helpful to the forces stationed in Southern Barrens.

Bloody trails lead through what looked to be a primitive gate. Judging from the impaled skulls and voodoo wind chyme, this looked like a troll dwelling.

He decided to follow the blood trails, hoping to find a lead to where the supplies had gone, but the further he went forward, the weirder it got.

Not far within the den, a bloody decapitated tauren head was dangling.

Another mobile? What was this?

Elford had heard about some trolls tribes practicing cannibalism and voodoo. Was this going to be his first fight against black magic?

He went further in and all he could see were raptors – terrortooth raptors with feathers and beads on them.

No trolls around, not even inside the small shallow huts.

Elford had never seen anything like this before. How developed was the terrortooth raptor culture?  Did they knit and paint watercolors too?

Or did trolls have something to do with this?

Elford remembered a rumor he had heard once about how troll rogues would tie feathers and beads on raptors to prove how sneaky they were.

It was the best explanation Elford knew of, and maybe these mass graves around the raptor den were the result of all the troll rogues, who failed their rites of passage.

Elford hurried to bring the supplies back and his efforts were recorded. He didn’t mention any details about the puzzling location he had just visited, other than a bit of bragging about having killed all the raptors in sight with ease. And it was true, Elford had become a lot stronger in his magic abilities since his time in Duskwood and Westfall.

Maybe he could become a great mage some day.

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4 comments on “Did They Knit and Paint Watercolors too?

  1. Matty
    June 23, 2012

    Completely charmed by Elford’s brand of magic…love when things get weird…and then weirder….

    • ironyca
      June 23, 2012

      That raptor den has always been a mystery to me, why do the have huts, why the tauren head, why the wind chymes? Did someone else live there before the raptors killed them all?

  2. tomeoftheancient
    June 23, 2012

    Sally was overcome with joy to see Elford’s on the move! She sneaks a peek at his armory page to see what he’s up to. She was glad to see that all his trials hadn’t changed him one bit! Go Elford!

    • ironyca
      June 23, 2012

      Sneaky sneaky, you probably know that I am far behind on posting his stories then. Right now I am trying to catch up on some remarkable events before I carry on leveling him.

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