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A Transmog-Party where Everyone’s Well-dressed – Except Us!

This friday I was invited along with Noelani to judge a transmogrification competition by Keelhaul (author of Disenchanting Azeroth aka The Mogfather) on US-Tichondrius.

Originally this is an idea Keelhaul has conceptualized, funded and hosted on his own across US servers.

He has given away 1.695.000 gold in total and has been featured on PC Gamer and WoW Insider among others. A skilled auction house seller who specialize in selling gear for mogging, he’s using the gold to ramp up a party where everyone’s well-dressed – except us!

Because these events are taking place on US servers, we’ve had to make US trial accounts and cheat the game to load US servers, which of course meant we attended on measly lvl 1’s. Much to our dismay, we couldn’t talk to anyone except in whispers which had been instigated by someone else first. Emoting was our best communicative tool.

Our Alliance instantiations finding the way to the Ironforge Library.

Another downside of being EU is the bad hours! We started the event at 3 at night our time, and didn’t go to to bed until 8 in the morning because we were still too hyped to fall asleep – so crazy.

Judging outfits is both exciting but also hard, you don’t want anyone to be left out nor overlooked. Often we had to make decisions based on tiny details because people were basically wearing the same except for cloaks, weapons and pets – details that ultimately meant someone could push a price home.

Generally I love accessories, the more you can pile on, the more you can portray something, whether it’s the ultimate frost mage or the most stoic looking druid, I’m sold.

I’ll give some examples:

We gave Mãgùs the Alliance prize for “Most Unique”.

I love this outfit, he’s obviously emphasizing his frost spec, suitably using mage tier 2 Netherwind Regalia to fill the blanks. His robe, Glacial Robe, doesn’t have shoulders as part of the set, so wearing this robe requires some thoughtfulness. I like that he looks like a super bad ass ninja frost mage with his hood and the scythe makes him look even rougher.

The bear is just icing on the frost-cake, although I’m not actually sure it’s his. Nevertheless, to Mãgùs’ benefit, it makes for a great screenshot!

Here’s Mythikas. He’s what I would call a very handsome druid with his choice in mixing Heroic Stormrider’s set, Malfurion’s set and the Malorne headpiece. Furthermore, his staff is just beautiful, the cloak looks great – he appears majestic, like an archdruid.

He didn’t win a top prize but was a runner-up, however, he’s doing something I would like to introduce to WoWRoleplayGear sometime in the future – taking powerful pieces from tier gear and creating a whole new expression – a “remix”.

It’s my experience that druid tiers work especially well when doing this because you’ll find they all follow a nature theme with often brown and green hues. It’s a good tip if you really like tier gear, but still want to stand out.

The fully mogged miner above is Vavaboom. It wasn’t hard to see that she was amongst the best sets Horde side had to offer, only problem was which category she dominated the most, which in the end became “best persona”.

I really wanted to whisper Vavaboom personally and tell her she had a new fan, but of course I couldn’t, a /kneel would have to symbolize my admiration instead.

Isn’t he great! We’re looking at Vadgebendor a shiny and golden death knight perhaps undercover as a paladin. Keelhaul asked if he wanted the sign to be disregarded or not, and he decided to keep it on. Besides sporting a full Conqueror’s set, everything else matches, including the Lil’ Ragnaros in the background. He looked great and the choice to add the gimmicky Twilight Cultist sign earned him “Most Original”. He was the spice of Horde side that night, and he made us laugh.

Here’s Boxer who sadly didn’t make it further than top 20. She is a personal favourite of mine, so I’ll give her some spotlight here.

She isn’t overly flashy, yet I think she has perfected that grey metalic hunter look. She reminds me of the steampunk hunter that Dreamy created and posted on her blog Drunkard’s Regalia.

Boxer has actually mixed and matched between several sets mainly Champion’s and Bonelink, and that’s what impressed me. I know Keelhaul appreciates good weaponry, and Boxer has a simple polearm on her back, still I think this set wins in simplicity. If you go to her armory page, it becomes evident that she has an extravagant bow that really pulls her set up a rank. I don’t remember seeing the bow during the event … see what I mean about missing details and perhaps making an oversight!

An overview screenshot of the Alliance judging round, situated at the Ironforge Library, a venue that I thought supported the event structure well. (Click for full size)

An overview of the Horde judging. We started off in the middle of Orgrimmar but people on mounts block out too much space, so we moved into Garrosh' hall. I hope he appreciated the show! (Click for full size)

Rumours say the number of contestants that showed up on US-Tichondrius Horde side were the highest yet for that faction. This is the final group picture. (Click for full size)

Aaand it looks like we’ll be doing it again – US-Arthas Alliance side only on the 16th.

More about the event:

Pictures watermarked “The WoW Factor” are from Keelhaul’s winner’s gallery which shows screenshots of all the winners from both factions, lots of good mogging outfits!

On WoWRoleplayGear we also wrote a follow-up article where you can see the full list of winners and runner-ups.

Lantanasham, the author of WoW and Other Musings wrote her account of the event in her post titled Transmog-a-licious. Lantanasham and her colleague were both a great assistance to us during the event in communicating with the crowd, helping with information and handling of prize money. A big thanks goes out to both of you!

14 comments on “A Transmog-Party where Everyone’s Well-dressed – Except Us!

  1. tomeoftheancient
    March 9, 2012

    Looking at the pictures it must be incredibly hard to judge an event like this. I found my Druid bias taking over, just love Mythikas’s oufit. I would love to see one of these events in person so I’m going to make an alt on Arthas and hope the timing is right!

    • ironyca
      March 9, 2012

      OOOOH, you are so welcome, remember to whisper me first!
      Else you’ll get the chance at a later event!
      Really looking forward to shaking lvl 1 hands with you!

  2. Syl
    March 9, 2012

    That sounds like a lot of fun – I would’ve joined such a contest in a heartbeat, back in the days! :D
    I really prefer outfits though that are not just sets with one or two extra items, but completely improvised so the person had to put some thought into it and assemble their own ‘set’.

    And the server hours, yikes…reminds me of when I used to play FF11 on JAP servers – did it for 3 months, it was very bad for my health lol! -.-

    • ironyca
      March 9, 2012

      Yeah, I like when they wear something taking pieces from all over, I think Mythikas was a pretty good example of that.
      The hours are nasty, but it’s always in the weekend so we can recuperate the next day. Some day we’re gonna go to the EU as well and we’ll be on home ground – home sweet home!

  3. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    March 9, 2012

    Reblogged this on I Rez Therefore I Am and commented:
    WORLD OF WARCRAFT, 9 March — Great multiverse traveler Ironyca Lee has jumped across, this time not worlds but continents, to be a judge at a transmogrification competition at a WoW/USA server. Given the vagaries of customs & immigration she was forced to attend this haute couture event (OMG how embarrassing) in Level 1 attire! Still, ever the keen multiverse eye, she provides insights into a remarkable Virtual Culture Ritual (“VCR” *giggles*) that I have to flummoxedly admit, I was unaware even existed. For detailed ethnographic analysis and spectacular imagery of this unique cultural event, as well as info on upcoming Transmogrification Contests, read the full post on her blog.

    • ironyca
      March 9, 2012

      I had to edit actual game files to get to the US servers, so silly. I wish I could be globally recognized as a WoW-player, not just in Europe – bleh.

      Also when I read that, it sounded like a news anchor’s voice inside my head, haha!
      Thanks for the reblog!

      • Vaneeesa Blaylock
        March 9, 2012

        What a cool event! Fantastic! And so great that they brought you in to be a judge. Yes, really sucks about the server BS. Can’t they charge a few Euro premium to be a “World Player” or have “All Continents Access” or something? Sheesh! :P

        Oh, hey, and speaking of Worlds United (hahaha, “WU” sounds very sinister… probably some freaky types bent on World Domination… Despicable Me and all that…)

        Anyway, right… we’re doing a performance tomorrow at 2pm SLT / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET for 2 hours. Any chance Ironyca Rae’d be up for joining in? We get to wear really shiny outfits and hair in supa’kewl colors!

        In case you can… I’m having the clothing and hair designers send stuff to Ironyca Rae. It’d be great to have you be in it if you’re able.

        Either way have a great weekend (playing as your weekend alt!!! hahaha! :P

  4. Navimie
    March 9, 2012

    I have to say that Druid’s outfit was outstanding and the Miner outfit was good too. And that sign! Is hilarious.

    • ironyca
      March 9, 2012

      The golden death knight glowing in the corner was actually a human billboard for the Twilight Cult! He got a prize anyways.

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  6. Matty
    March 11, 2012

    I want the “sandwich board.” I think we/Blizz are missing a bet when it comes to an advertising opportunity! Wear a sandwich board that advertises local inns and pubs, get a percentage of sales?

    What a fun event, but the reporting is the best part- well done!

    • ironyca
      March 13, 2012

      I love gimmicky items, the “fluff” as it’s also called.
      And thanks for your motivating comment!

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