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“Thank you” – “noo, thank YOU” (day5)

“Thank you” – “noo, thank YOU” (day5)

A shot from the finishing “thank yooouuu” part of such events. I wonder if people involved with organizing and people who know they will be pulled up on stage find this entertaining at all. As a spectator it sure is boring.

It was also here they thanked the volunteers for “the willingness to travel this far to volunteer”… haha, they made it sound like we are some kind of volunteer travel squad that out of pure benevolence just volunteer at random events, YEAH!!!
Very strange, as if they didn’t expect us to be interested in the conference itself. I think that deserves another LOL.

Photo by Utrecht School of the Arts

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Published on October 1, 2011 at 1024 × 683 in Update on the Trip to the Games Conference (DiGRA)



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