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Presentation area (day4)

Presentation area (day4)

This picture amuses me. It may not be evident but the presentations were held in small cabins, these portable rooms which can fit about 25 people in them.
They were placed outside the university on the parking lot – haha!
As volunteers we were told to wear something long-sleaved because “it might be cold at the conference grounds”. They didn’t say most of it was taking place outside!
Despite this arrangement sounding more like a flea market sale, it actually worked out fine, except for some presentations that got too crowded and people had stand outside and stick their heads through the windows to see.

This day, I was assigned to coordinate these cabins.
This meant you were in charge of one of the presentation rooms, sounds way more serious than it was. The main part of it was to make sure no one entered who didn’t have a yellow keyhanger (confer “conference gear” image) and to open and close the door and look pro. In effect, this meant I just closed the door when people had come in, sat down and watched the presentation, then opened the door and … that was it. I think that constitutes a LOL!
The downside was that I had to stay at the cabin the organizers had assigned for me. I managed to bargain with the other volunteers to switch cabins in order to see the presentations I was aiming for and I got pretty far with it.
I only ended up somewhere random a few times, like mobile gaming and missed another presentation that had inspired some heavy flaming from all the feminist game theorists of some guy who had made some incomplete research apparently, what a shame :D

Photo by Utrecht School of the Arts

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