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Thank God Elford Didn’t Suffer From That!…

Elford decided to travel to the nearby area Stranglethorn Vale, after having completed his tasks in Duskwood. He was at first happy to leave this sinister place, only to be faced with the savage force of the jungle.

If Grand Magus Doane had been difficult, Elford had seen nothing yet.

He started off his adventure at the Rebel Camp, a group of former Kurzen explorers sent here from Stormwind on an expedition. The leader Colonel Conrad Kurzen had then been under the influence of corruption, which had led these rebels to defect. Now they wanted Elford to find information about what was going on at the Kurzen compound.

It was here Elford struggled and was advised to find safer grounds.

It was good advice. However, stubbornness prevailed.

He eventually found the prison records for several members of the Kurzen Expedition and upon reading them, he knew he was dealing with some tough brutes.

130 years of incarceration for going mad? Even Conrad Kurzen himself had been killed, his misdeed being weakness. Thank god Elford didn’t suffer from that!….

The rebels at the Rebel Camp was surprised to learn about the Colonel’s gruesome death and ordered Elford to stop the Kurzen legacy by killing the four highest ranking members all residing within a cave at the North of the compound.

Not taking the hunter’s advise before was a bad decision. The cave was deep and the leaders spread throughout it. Performing this reversed execution was hard.

Killing the first three went okay, it took a lot of blinking, a magical act Elford was very proud of – good for party tricks. The fourth guy Chief Gaulus made Elford unnerved. Having an empty dog house with no sight of a dog can’t be normal…

Then again, the mushrooms might explain that.

Chief Gaulus standing in the background enjoying the sight of a flat and very dead gnome.

Gaulus was for some ungodly reason much stronger than the others. His lightning shield ability was fierce and would almost cut Elford’s health in half.

Thankfully he wasn’t flung from towers but instead killed in a few blows where after he returned to bug Gaulus again, like a flea bouncing back.

Eventually he decided yet again to wait with this killing order until he had gained more jungle experience.

When time came, it took considerable magical strength and planning to finally bring this lunatic down. The toughest encounter yet.

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4 comments on “Thank God Elford Didn’t Suffer From That!…

  1. Döra
    August 14, 2011

    Oh I remember that compound and that cave (although I haven’t quested there since cata), and if it’s still the same I recall them being really hard with loads of closely packed mobs. That must have been tough! Elford might only be small, but he’s as brave as they come. Well done!

    I do so love your pictures and the way they illustrate your story :)

  2. tomeoftheancient
    August 14, 2011

    Elford is my hero! I sneak peeks at his armory page, he’s a crazy man. Yes, Ironsally shudders at the memory of that cave. She left that quest for later too but forgot to go back.

    Every post about Elford is like seeing there’s a new episode of my favorite TV show on!

  3. Döra
    August 14, 2011

    “Every post about Elford is like seeing there’s a new episode of my favorite TV show on!”

    Lol – Tomeoftheancient! I feel the same way – haha!

  4. ironyca
    August 15, 2011


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