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“u afraid of duel?”

To aid his descending reputation as a mage, Elford went back to duel Grand Magus Doane. If the rumour had spread that he was a failure, it should work the other way around too.

Elford, now much more experienced (lvl 24 vs a lvl 19 quest), was successful this time. He learned that in order to not take so much beating from the summoned abomination, he would have to soak the fireballs Doane threw at him. If he silenced him, Doane would run towards him and summon the monstrosity right next to Elford’s feet and he would hurt too quickly.

It worked much better to stay in a fireball vs fireball fight until Doane pulled out his pet, then watch as it ran around the platform, freeze it to the ground and keep a distance to this drooling and dripping corpse. Then Elford would counterspell Doane and eventually force him to surrender, but Doane just teleported out when he was an inch from dying. What a wimp!

Nevertheless he was relieved to have been a crucial help in the fight in Redridge, now it was just a matter of waiting till the good news caught up with the citizens of Duskwood.

The question perhaps was how far he wanted the rumour to spread. Being approached by men with such brilliant names as “Stallker” wanting to duel him at random, made Elford reconsider being too open about his accomplishments.

Stallker, a fine man and probably also fine mage (naturally a few levels higher), turned out to be very insisting. Elford however was busy fighting decomposed walking entities and what did this Stallker expect? Elford wasn’t a gladiatorial man, challenging any random adventurer he came by, nor did he take action to such primitive offers.

Stallker then proceeded to ask in a strange dialect “u afraid of duel?”.

Elford felt a need to lecture this man in manners and situational awareness. Couldn’t he see he was busy with much more critical matters? But Stallker must have hit a soft spot, giving off an aura of immaturity so instead Elford calmly explained he was not available and that dueling was not an activity he engaged in anyways, especially not in the middle of the night such as now.

Stallker proposed to let him win and mentioned something about an achievement, but Elford didn’t see the point of such a duel. He felt he had achieved enough today and more pressing affairs needed his urgent assistance anyways.

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3 comments on ““u afraid of duel?”

  1. Döra
    July 26, 2011

    Isn’t it always just the case? The stalkers who follow you around asking for duels are soo brave – never picking on someone their own size, always going after someone a few levels below them, always when they are busy. When you don’t respond they taunt you. I’ve never had one called ‘Stalker’ though – lol. Elford showed much restraint :D

  2. tomeoftheancient
    July 26, 2011

    Lol, poor Elford as though he didn’t have enough on his plate without Stallker stallking him.

    When it happened to me I said inspect me, hoping to appeal to their sense of charity, silly me.

    I don’t follow twitter but I saw in your twitter transmission that you got hijacked. That’s horrible, I hope you can get the site they posted it on to take it down.

  3. ironyca
    July 26, 2011

    Stallker did do a chicken emote at first, but reacted really well when I explained I didn’t duel. He would have been able to one shot me I’m sure haha! I don’t ever accept duel challenges from people, I’ve learned the hard way that whatever happens, they are never nice about it.

    As for the plagiarism, oh god, so much drama!
    I’m gonna have to wrote a post about it, it was one of those cases of extremely lucky timing.
    This guy posts my two most popular WoW articles that are between 10-6 months old and claims them as his (even goes as far as babbling about how much time he spent working on them and how this is nowhere to be found on the internet) and within 12 hours of him posting my old articles on MMOwned (I mean, the oldest is even outdated as it was written before The Shattering) I find him!
    What’s the chance?
    I feel like I’ve witnessed one of those rare miracle like situations. It was completely random how I found it.

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