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The Confrontation with Grand Magus Doane

After having been to Westfall, Elford decided to travel to Redridge Mountains. It was here his death count started rising exponentially to his level.

His biggest challenge to date was the confrontation with Grand Magus Doane. Before even coming face to face with this evil man, he had fought his way up into his tower – a particularly difficult ordeal as Elford easily got hurt and didn’t want dirty gnoll paw prints on his suit, so keeping a distance was crucial but not easy in such a closed environment.

Elford initiated the fight from the other side of the platform, Doane spun around and  immediately started casting fireballs. Elford didn’t like the taste of his own medicine so he cast a counterspell. Doane, angry from this insulting act, ran round the edge to get closer to Elford, who fired away.

Right when Elford thought he had it in the bag, Doane summoned a ghoul, a huge monstrosity of exposed intestines and stench of the likes Elford had never seen before. He had begun getting used to putting his finer habits behind him, but now a gigantic corpse triple his height was bashing at him.

Doane proved to be a strong opponent with the perseverance more than the double of Elford, and coupled with this monster, Elford was up against something which combined had around five times more stamina, and none of them could be sheeped.

This was scandalous! Now he was forced to return and tell the Bravo Company, whom had given him the job, that he was incapable of fulfilling his task, an outcome Elford had firmly avoided when he was working in business.

Next episode: Making Mistakes in Duskwood
From the beginning: Elford the (former) Executive and the Ironman Challenge

3 comments on “The Confrontation with Grand Magus Doane

  1. Döra
    July 24, 2011

    Oh I hate those towers, they are really tough. For a mage – must be doubly so. I mean you struggle all the way to the top only to be confronted by something you can’t handle – but you don’t know that till you get there. I remember that whole JJ Keeshan quest line – parts of it were really hard even for a character levelled normally. So you did really well just getting to the top.

    Out of interest, because I can’t remember – is this one of those quests that if you don’t complete it, you are left stranded with no more quests in the zone opening up? This is one of my major beefs with Cataclysm – the phased questing.

    • ironyca
      July 24, 2011

      Yup it was one of those quests. It annoyed me so much because this quest was 2 quests from the completion of Redridge, so Doane is sort of the zone boss.
      He was seriously hard, I couldn’t sheep any of them (dragonkin and undead), I tried a few strategies before I had to leave Redridge prematurely and return later.

  2. tomeoftheancient
    July 24, 2011

    At least you tried, Ironsally died four times on one of their quests and just said good bye guys I’m off to Duskwood.

    The ending series of Northern Stranglethorn was much better. It didn’t rely at all on your gear or stats so I was able to finish.

    Poor Elford, /hug from Ironmary!

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