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“I’m sleepy, keep it down, ‘kay?”

It was far past midnight when Elford headed back to Goldshire. Before going into the Lion’s Pride Inn, he checked his mail. He had been visiting the auction house recently and had put up bits of clothing for sale and also various cooking ingredients such as small eggs. It was mostly stuff he deemed of very low value, but naturally he was interested in raising his wealth, and he might as well turn whatever he had of value into currency.

To his delight his mailbox was bulging and everything Elford had put on auction now came back in coins.

He thought about how well functioning and precise the mail service was, while stuffing his pockets with both gold, silver and copper. He had started out with nothing and he was slowly building up a fortune again, now reaching a new height of 45 gold.

Complacent with his recent earnings, he went inside. It was the usual – a line of well dressed women on each side, facing the middle of the room.

He continued upstairs to Wefhellt, thinking about his decision to accept these strange habits this peculiar man had. However Wefhellt was going be the least of Elford’s worries on this hard trialed night. The whole upper floor of the inn was ablaze with festivities.

Wefhellt seemed electric and told Elford that tonight had been busy. Without many greeting formalities Elford approached next door where the loud noise was coming from.

Although the night elf gentleman wearing the well fitted Haliscan set impressed Elford for a slight second, he turned around. There was no need… these people wouldn’t listen anyways. He went back to his room to try and sleep despite the noise.

You wouldn’t think it was possible for this much irony to be compiled in one stroke, to be unleashed on the most tired gnome on the face of Azeroth.

Elford settled for the carpet and rested his head on his pouch full of coins. Soon he couldn’t hear the small violin playing in the background any longer and he fell asleep.

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6 comments on ““I’m sleepy, keep it down, ‘kay?”

  1. Döra
    July 23, 2011


    • ironyca
      July 23, 2011

      Hehe, the screenshot is not even staged. It actually did happen.

  2. Rades
    July 23, 2011

    Poor Elford! Haha! He seems so surprised…great screenshot. :D Also, WTF is going on down in that tavern?? I am starting to get creeped out.

  3. ironyca
    July 23, 2011

    The last few days there’s been a different atmosphere with a few trivia bot competitions, but when they leave…. creepy comes back.

  4. tomeoftheancient
    July 23, 2011

    Poor Elford, he needs his sleep. He should be happy about all the money he’s making. He’ll be a proper AH mogul soon!

    My tavern is so boring compared to yours!

  5. ironyca
    July 23, 2011

    Maybe it’s because I’m on a roleplay realm.

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