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VisualRoleplayGear Exposure

Yesterday was one of those days where your jaw hits the desk and you drop everything you have in your hands, cause the internet surely must be lying to you! You refresh your webpage because something must be wrong, but quite the opposite was going on in our case. That was how this pretty regular wednesday started out when we were looking over the traffic to The Visual Roleplay Gear List, after we saw the stats page as pictured below.

Noelani and I were already happy with the traffic VisualRoleplayGear was getting, mainly coming from roleplay guilds linking to us on their forum, often German for some reason. Exposure was slowly going up, until June the 29th, then it went bezerk. What was usually 1.500-2.000 clicks a day suddenly looked like nothing compared to the numbers we were getting from being linked on WoW Insider’s Daily Quest, topping at 15.744 clicks (not visitors!). The visitor number is probably somewhere between the number of referrers and homepage views, that is between 1000-4000.

The project has been going for a while now, with me linking the site on the old roleplay forum back in November (2010), and throughout this time we’ve built it to contain 373 unique articles and has as of now 216.531 views all-time. Considering the amount of work we’ve put into this, we’re both glad it’s being worthwile for so many other players and that we’ve been linked at a time where we feel confident in the amount of content we’ve built so far. It’s such a force of motivation, that both of our heads are spinning with ideas and new additions to the site.

The most popular outfit on the 29th, was the Demon Hunter, which is kind of funny as it is also (almost) the hardest set to complete amongst our entire database, requiring two legendaries. We made an easier alternative though, and the comment on the article contains an even easier version available for a character lvl 30-40.

Here’s our “easy version”:

 The nomination of the hardest set to complete right now goes to “The Gamemaster”. It looks so simple and lvl 20’ish that any new player might not even recognize a gamemaster if they saw one. I’ve never seen one myself, and as far as I know, they can however choose to appear in other forms than wearing the standard GM attire.

Our latest additions have been recolors of WotLK tier gear, which you don’t often see put together to an actual set. I originally thought that those sets would be too hard to get and no one would organize runs to fx Icecrown Citadel for vanity gear, but I was wrong. At least on our server (Argent Dawn EU) you can still catch a roleplay run a couple times a week heading for Icecrown and Ulduar especially, so getting your hands on some of this stuff, is indeed feasable.

The only three recolors available in Icecrown –  priest, druid and warlock:

Ulduar on the other hand, is riddled with recolors.

Our next addition will probably be gear sets which you can only get via completing quests. There are some incredibly nice looking sets out there available at low levels by just leveling through a zone. Consider this black leather set for example, which you can collect by questing in lvl 40-5o zones. We’re looking at some of the easier sets to get, compaired to weekly runs to Icecrown.

This set also comes in a green and red version. I’m currently struggling to complete the white recolor, as it seems the pants are missing and who wants to go without pants?

Thanks for all of the support and help we’ve received so far.

Happy gear hunting!

3 comments on “VisualRoleplayGear Exposure

  1. Döra
    July 1, 2011

    Yay – that is so great Ironyca! I didn’t know about the site till this post. It’s sooo good it’s now on my blog roll so I don’t ever lose the link again. Big congrats on getting linked on WoW Insider. I know that jaw dropping feeling when traffic spikes like that, so can imagine how excited you were. Well deserved too – there is obviously so much work put into it. My jaw dropped when I saw the site! Massive GZ & thanks so much.

  2. tomeoftheancient
    July 1, 2011

    That is so great Ironyca! It looks like it must have been an incredible amount of work. I had used it a while back to find suitable clothing for my bank ait!

  3. ironyca
    July 1, 2011

    Thanks to both of you! :D
    And that reminds me, we need more bank alt gear!

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