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“Gnomes vs Tauren” – Including Offensive Gnome Lurv

I would call the Gnomes vs Tauren event a success, not just because the tauren eventually died, but also because I made it as far as to hug Garrosh and fought alongside the lvl 1 expert and co-blogger – Döra.

In my clever’dom I was convinced that choosing a rogue was a genius idea: “because then I wouldn’t run out of mana”. Despite my efforts to foresee some of the issues of being a caster, the difficulty of staying close to your tauren target, when you can’t find yourself in the sea of gnomes, and the lag constantly puts you on the edge of a dc, made the choice of melee a really bad one. I did manage to take a few stabs at the guy though between all the misses and then I died in an aoe storm.

Estimates say there were more than 600 gnomes. It was unfortunate that I didn’t make it into the event-guild Armée de Gnomeregan. Döra, however, did and I think they were a little more generous with the English in their guild chat. Oh well, I understood the many praises at the end, and some words are just used more broadly across servers, “GOGOGO” never fails.


I used a mixture of my own screenshots and those posted on various forums in relation to the event. The same sources can be found at the bottom of the post.

I was very impressed by the escorting by our Alliance guards. Having guards and escorts are often crucial to these kinds of events, especially when the slightest amount of PvP is involved. The Strongest of the Horde Rp-PvP event also had a ton of allied guards on both sides of the factions. Without them, such events usually crumble as everyone becomes scattered and the unity dissolves. I was suspecting that could happen, as an army of lvl 1 gnomes can’t defend itself very well, but due to good planning and reliable co-players, Team G.O., who arranged it, made sure everything went smoothly.

I’ve always been a strong believer in death in games as more than just a temporary suspension of play. As my early days in WoW was spent doing a lot of PvP, I always saw more symbolism in killing and being killed by another player. This event was probably the first time that I didn’t find it to be a big deal at all. Everyone died all the time in what could have been a horrible gnome genocide mass grave, but I quickly got over the unfair aoe blast of a lvl 85 horde and resumed fighting, it really did just feel like a small pause, nothing else. Even when it happened later in Stranglethorn Vale, where another portion was taken down by a warlock, I didn’t mind. I stood in the middle of the dead corpses to get a screenshot, and of course that’s like baiting, so I was also killed and awarded with the top-spot of the pile. Maybe I can use this experience to subvert some of my uglier sides that peek out when I PvP.

Corpse-running our way into Orgrimmar was surprisingly entertaining. In Garrosh’ throne room, several hordes were present, some saying prayers for our dead gnome bodies, as the guards swiftly shot us down. Garrosh himself was not up for our chatty tea party, he’s much more of a hack and slasher I’d say. We came in good faith, the fellow gnome Killbull blew him around 10 kisses, Gniggle cheered, whereas I hugged him twice. Offensive gnome lurv made Garrosh miffed! But then I see on Döra’s video, caught red handed, that she tried to cast a shadowbolt at him – well that explains a lot!

Other Resources

Döra’s write up including her Event Video (Ignore my spamming of her)

The Official “Gnomes vs Tauren” event video by Lenwë, one of the organizers of Team G.O.

Another video by Tobynou named Invasion Orgrimmar.

The Team G.O. forum thread, which has a broad collection of screenshots, some of which I used in my gallery.

3 comments on ““Gnomes vs Tauren” – Including Offensive Gnome Lurv

  1. Döra
    June 12, 2011

    Oh wow – what a great write up of the event Ironyca :) This will truly live in my memory as a great fun highpoint in my wow life. Those screenies are great! I love the jonyjones one, as me and him shared a great corpse run together (on the video). I almost feel like he is now my blood-brother. lol

    From your description, I think you have now found the secret to level 1 fun. Dying is of no consequence, so you don’t care. Now that’s real freedom!

    I was impressed with the escorting too. Too bad I got killed by a horde on the last run up the side of the river to Orgimmar. That’s how come I got separated from everyone and missed the initial gnome assault. But all in all – thinking about it, without the escorts we would have been decimated and broken up much sooner. I am really impressed by Team-G.O. They made it a night to remember.

    And now I am REALLY jealous! Your screenshot layout is superb. I see WordPress does this sort of thing very well. I am getting increasingly frustrated with Blogger. :(

    Am going to back link to this post, from mine :)

    Yeah – sorry – couldn’t resist the shadowbolt. I figured that with all the lag I might have stood a chance to get one off – lol

  2. ironyca
    June 12, 2011

    The Jonyjones screenshot is so good, loved it. And yeah, the wonders of dying and lvl 1 fun are opening up, want to see if I can make it to the Gamon event.

    This is actually my first WordPress gallery lay out, I’ve never used the feature before. I wasn’t initially sure whether I wanted a slideshow, but I’m actually really happy with how the gallery function turned out. Blogger has it’s positives though, like the “you may also like”-posts that you have and I think they have other add-ons available.

    Took me a good while to understand how to use WordPress, so much blogging and website terminology, spent months pulling my hair cause I was a blog-noob.
    I’m a little better now, but in terms of easing ones way into blogging, I found WordPress difficult.

  3. tomeoftheancient
    June 15, 2011

    Oh, the gallery is great, between Döra’s video and the photos I feel like I was there. I feel horrible admitting this but there’s just something about a carpet of dead level 1 gnomes that makes me giggle, I can’t help it!

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