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The One Class that Attracts Me which I Don’t Play

There’s a class that both scares and fascinates me.


It’s the one class that attracts me but that I don’t play. Night elven hunters are so graceful and the added customization with pets, picking one and naming it, really appeals to me.

But I don’t play a hunter, I’ve tried twice.

First time was back in Vanilla, I used to play a lot of low level PvP and hunters are strong comparatively at the lower level ranges, especially with kiting. Being a rogue, I was well off myself, but the hunters just looked and were so superior and I was sold.

Having three female night elves was a little much, so I went Horde side and created a troll hunter. I did a poor job leveling her and an even worse job playing her well. The whole pet thing, it was so confusing, so much multitasking! I think I was even optimistic enough to bring her into a battleground and of course, I couldn’t kite nor kill anything, so I gave up on her eventually.

Second time was during Wrath of the Lich King. I wanted a good stable Horde character and so made a blood elf hunter this time and started leveling her. This time I didn’t bring her into any battlegrounds, and good choice, I still sucked. I found the whole preparation part clumsy, marking sending in the pet first etc. Playing other characters seemed so straight forward compared to my hunter. She didn’t survive for long, may she rest in peace.

Now here during Cataclysm, I’m on my third try. I found goblins to be adorable, so when I was making the decision about the class, I took the hunter class back up again, maybe I can make it work this time.

You’d think that the older WoW gets, the more unlikely it is to get a good name, but yet sometimes you can be really lucky. Finding a good name is important to me, you’re stuck with it forever, of course unless you want to pay for a namechange, but might as well get it right the first time. I usually go for names that are not conventional western names, they are usually taken anyways, but when I typed in “Joy” almost as a joke, I couldn’t believe my eyes when it actually went through. Total jackpot in my world!

Joy is a real circus artist

Of course it didn’t take long until I was back trying to make the hassle of pets easier by finding good macros as early as level 20! Hunters really are hard work!

Because of my history of complications with hunters, I have a natural admiration and respect for hunter players, I wish I could be that cool. With a promising and optimistic name I’m off to make this lucky third time count.

10 comments on “The One Class that Attracts Me which I Don’t Play

  1. TheGrumpyElf
    June 2, 2011

    Names are a very important thing, even more so for your pets whom become beloved companions. I am not sure how many other hunters feel the same way I do but I still have the first pet I ever leveled with and I will never get rid of it. Fang was not just my pet, it is an extension of me.

    I have nearly all classes to 85 (the last 2 will be the the next time I get the desire to play them, they are close) and I have extensive play time on a few. None have ever come even close to me connecting to them as I have with my hunter.

    You might have heard the expression before but it is so true I must say it again.

    Hunters are the easiest class to play but the hardest class to master.

    While hunters are lacking in many aspects of the game, such as self heals, they have many other abilities that make up for it.

    When Beauty had 3 dogs (before one was put up for adoption) I walked in with a pug and CCed all 3 myself.

    I’ve soloed 1 85 heroic already and if I where better I could probably solo more. My skills are just average at best.

    With chain trapping and concussive shot you can kite something all day long, even more so now that you do not need to do the ‘stop to shoot jump shot’ being auto shots fire while moving now.

    If you give the hunter (and your pet) the love and attention it needs you will find that hunters are really a class of their own, there is nothing like them. They are unique.

    Good luck with your new hunter and make sure to take good care of your pet because it will always make sure to take care of you.

    For me, that one class would be a warlock. I figured I would like it as it is also a pet class but for some reason I never get the feeling of connection like I do with my hunter. Mine will be 85 soon and I might get some better play time in with then but I just do not think I will ever feel comfortable with it.

  2. Cheres
    June 2, 2011

    Hunters are the easiest class to play poorly and one of the harder classes to play well. But they are well worth the time and effort and Blizzard is making the pet a little less work in the next patch.

    I don’t use the first pet I ever tamed but close, I tamed Humar as soon as I was the right level and I’ve used him for most everything since.

    Best way to get used to the whole mark, send pet, shoot thing is to sit in one spot with a bunch of mobs and just chain pull. Its boring but you’ll get a feel for the rhythm of the hunter.

    I have a silly number of hunters on a silly number of servers. I apparently have some sort of “problem” :)

  3. The Ancient
    June 2, 2011

    I had the same problem with Druids and Warlocks, I’d get frustrated at level 17 or 18 and delete them. Oddly they are now my two favorite classes so maybe this time that Hunter will work out for you!

  4. Döra
    June 2, 2011

    What a cracking name Ironica! And don’t ya just love goblins? I adore them, but I do get so frustrated with Horde cities. I haven’t found one yet that I can navigate with ease.

    As for Hunters, I know exactly what you mean. So many abilities! Playing Thriftee though has shown me just what a survivable class they are though, especially for someone who like to solo. I can only imagine how strong I would be in mail gear with all mine & bear’s abilities available to use. Plus I am surprised at the bond I have formed with him. Once I’ve finished with Thriftee’s challenge I am definitely gonna take the time to learn how to play him (in BM spec) properly – there are so many dungeons I want to solo explore, and so many new pets to tame! I hope Bear doesn’t get jealous.

    Just out of interest, what spec are you going for?

  5. Jaedia
    June 2, 2011

    I seem to be going back to my Hunter now, it’s such a versatile dps class, so many different abilities! I got a little lucky with my Hunter’s name actually. Managed to grab Fae on my main server back towards the end of Wrath which was pretty cool and I’ve held onto it since even when I transferred her away. She’s always been Fae to me, it is her name.

  6. Pilfkin
    June 3, 2011

    I’ve never managed hunters which frustrates me as on the surface, they should be one of my favourite classes. The farthest I’ve ever gotten with one was post-Cata when I rolled a goblin one and turned her into a pirate (arrr…) as I play on an RP server. She had numerous parrots as pets (they’re actually better than you’d think!) and I did love her. But I got bored… I think I have the opposite problem to you, in this regard. I guess that’s because I don’t play them ‘properly’ I just send in my pet and stand back and shoot.

  7. ironyca
    June 3, 2011

    I’m playing her almost “blindfolded”, that is without reading guides and such. Right now, she’s just a level and have fun character, so I chose survival because… it could help me survive? hahaha!

    I can see what a lot of you are saying, the pet aspect is really interesting, I’m bonding with the pet even, whom I named “Froy” – Joy and Froy.
    But what is a pet anyways? – Some pseudo character-npc type of thing, half controlled by you, but yet with it’s own life?
    Strange, but it works.

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