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Interviewing Random Players – Sometimes You Run into a Hobgoblin

As with the Gender-bending series, I’m starting a new project about players and their motivations for some of the things they do in WoW. This time playing alone. It’s in relation to a course I’m taking called Digital Game Theory. Part of the work is doing interviews, which I in the beginning found both intimidating but also strangely exciting.

I’m supposed to do around 10-15 player-interviews on various servers and pick these people at complete random. First I choose a zone, put random people in that zone on my friendslist and start whispering them from the top “Hello, may I borrow you for a moment?”. I’m sure I’ve earned myself quite the portion of reports. Whispering players frem a level 1 surely looks like a goldspammer trying to mingle before the blow  of a massive explosion of broken english. We all know how rarely level 1’s can be trusted (especially if their name is “Parishilton” or has no vowels).

The truth is however, that the vast majority of the people I approach are very nice and surprisingly willing to talk to me. It usually doesn’t take more than 1-3 random whispers before someone agrees to be interviewed, a number I thought would be much higher. Also, I honestly expected a lot more weirdo when speaking to randoms, but the general populace might not be as retarded as we often see them (or in fact “us”) portrayed.

Sometimes though, you run into a Hobgoblin.

I’ve only had one so far who was a bit on the special side, I’ve renamed him X here. After getting through the procedure of this player agreeing to do the interview followed by an introduction, I started getting some weird answers, and as the questions probably show, we had just begun.

Me: What do you usually look forward to when playing WoW?
X: i like this plaz for it’s are so aswm XD
X: w
Me: plaz?
X: this game i mena XD
Me: What do you usually do in a play session?
X: i like to RP
Me: What do you like about roleplaying?
X: yes

I couldn’t tell if it was a troll or indeed a hobgoblin. A troll would not simply have answered yes to what they like about roleplay, instead they would have whirled a whole lot of descriptive babble up about furries or vampire roleplay. To a troll, this question would have been too good to pass on.

I ended the interview quickly after this, but after a few minutes X declares he needs a brb. I didn’t know what to respond, as I had basically already closed off our conversation with “goodbye and good luck in the future”. I started another interview and prayed that he would not return in the middle of everything, and to my luck, he didn’t.

So I’m leaning towards the hobgoblin theory. At this point I’m yet to meet a real troll.

2 comments on “Interviewing Random Players – Sometimes You Run into a Hobgoblin

  1. Döra
    April 24, 2011

    Just wondering are these interviews required for part of a study course you are on? Or is it your own private study because you are interested in such things? If its part of a uni/college course it certainly sounds like an interesting one :)

    • ironyca
      April 24, 2011

      It’s part of my education yes, I study games. The good thing is, I’m also interested in such things, so double rainbow!

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