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This game is all about me – me me me!

Dear Minecraft

I’m writing you to tell you about what a great time we’re having together. Although you’re very quiet, or well… you’re basically completely silent, this is not a bad thing. I have a history of playing the games that let me decide precicely what will happen, I might even prefer it this way.

We plan out all these projects together, or well… I plan them and you listen. Then we build them.. or well, I build them and you watch. In fact when we’re together, I do all the talking.

This game is all about me – me me me.

Every block I break up to put down again, makes it mine – mine mine mine.

There’s one thing that concerns me though. There might come a time, where I run out of things to say, become exhausted and uninspired, and you will not be able to carry on the conversation on your own. I know this day will come eventually, and right now, I wish it never would. But I know that day will be the day you go from being the attentive and non-judgemental friend I adore, to just kind of boring.

Don’t worry, there’s a difference between boring and forgettable, you’re only the former. I promise the time we spent together will be framed in all the screenshots and videos I took:

Right now, I’ll close my eyes and play like our friendship will last forever.

Your blissfully ignorant friend

– Ironyca Lee

One comment on “This game is all about me – me me me!

  1. Döra
    April 22, 2011

    “When I found the rare blue Dye ‘Lapis Lazuli’ I was happy for days” – lol – priceless! :D

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