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I Hope this isn’t the Resident of the House Visiting

Dear Minecraft

I answered the previous message by putting a sign next to it saying “We’re roommates. Did you forget?” Well… I’m not sure I want to meet the resident any longer after this:

I put the sign up afterwards saying “I moved out. You can visit at the Sand Castle”. I thought it was best to move out quickly, and it feels better to build your own, it’s part of the fun.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to contribute with, when I entered the multiplayer. I already mentioned some of the other’s projects and especially the moon prospect made me realize, that I couldn’t impress by size. Perhaps I should focus on sleek design and function instead, and thus the planning of the Sand Castle was conceived.

Okay, I never plan anything when I make stuff, be it IRL or in Minecraft. I lose myself in what I’m doing so I took it one block at a time. The vague idea of a sand castle was all I started out with, and quickly it shaped itself up to not be a castle, but a temple. A temple of recurring death.

As in WoW, you can die in Minecraft – repeatedly. Looking at games in general, we all probably die more than we kill, a completely overlooked fact by the people who look at games as influences of violence. We are just as much facing our own demises as we put others through theirs. The temple was a place for us to honor our own deaths, and perhaps thus indirectly our lives.

It might look like an overkill of interpretation, but when the slate is as clean as it is in Minecraft, it’s your invitation to fill it out, to come up with your own meaning and stories, and this was mine.

I spent a few more nights in the house, but went back to the shore of the lake, where the foundation to my temple was laid. I worked during the day time, and as I grew bolder, also during night time. Thankfully I had no creeper accidents, mostly because I would run towards them and make them detonate at a distance from the building. I sacrificed a lot for my temple, and thus I rightfully became the servant.

The upper floor has a fountain at the far end and a chest left of the door. The servant makes sure there’s always torches in the chest for the visitors to light up for the times they’ve died.

The wall on the left side of the temple has an almost hidden staircase down into the servant’s private chamber and mine (you almost always find a mine even when doing miniscule digging). The upper floor denotes the public space of my temple, the servant has her private room in the basement. The question was though, would the others percieve it the same way?

Even though I was a humble servant, I gave myself more than ascetic surroundings, I guess this is the perk of also being the constructor. I had everything I needed – except for access to my bed one late night.

Uh… I hope this isn’t the resident of the house visiting… sleeping in MY bed!

Your spooked out friend

– Ironyca Lee

4 comments on “I Hope this isn’t the Resident of the House Visiting

  1. Rades
    April 12, 2011

    You *did* invite them to come visit! Nonetheless that is quite alarming, and I imagine was rather startling to discover that your warm, comfortable bed was somehow occupied. And scary!

    • ironyca
      April 13, 2011

      I know!! What was I thinking?! Thankfully the bed was only occupied for one night.

  2. Döra
    April 13, 2011

    Loving these Minecraft posts :) Ive watched my 24 yr old son play this and I can really see it’s appeal – and I’ve heard him squeal in fright when monsters come for him in the night lol. Keep meaning to give it a go, but just haven’t had the time – plus my hard drives are full – again!

    I love your idea for the temple – to honour our own deaths and indirectly our lives. Dying is almost a trademark with Döra and yet when I play her I feel very much alive, like a kid again – so I love the whole ethos of your palace.

    Just wondering how come you couldn’t see the occupant of your bed? Had they logged off or something? Pretty scary tbh.

    • ironyca
      April 13, 2011

      Thanks, Döra would need a lot of torches though, haha.

      As for the bed, I have actually experienced invisible players, where we were online at the same time, but couldn’t see each other. In this case, I suspect it was just a bug, although it definitely gave me a chilling feeling of not being alone. I even think I typed in something like “anyone online?”, to see if anyone responded, but no one did.

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