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Why Are You in My House?

Dear Minecraft

Here’s some gossip for you – I’ve received a message!

On the wall above the workbench in the house I’m squatting, someone put a sign:

When I check on the content of the chest, it looks as if stuff has been moved around, so someone is still rummaging about in there. I’m somehow doubting it’s the original owner, as there’s a good chance this intruder was expelled at the mass extermination, courtesy of the server admin (aka our teacher): Anyone not on our course would be thrown out.

So I’ve done some investigative work amongst my fellow minecrafters, but they all have pretty solid cases to show for themselves:

Two of them have this massive wool-moon building project going on, they are too occupied to fool around.

Another has that nicely striped house keeping her busy. I think she has a squatter as well by the way.

And Another made a breakwater seafort.

And Another… I’m actually not sure what she’s doing, but knowing her, she would have left cake and mushroom soup for me – not a sign on the wall.

And Another…  has been griefing a little, ending up somewhat aloof. I think he expected more from his personal creation: The Lava Pyramid.

Quoting him:My grandiose mega lava curtain did not impose a travel restriction upon the land. It did not make people cower in fear of its awesome fear inspiring presence. Rather, people just ignored it or removed it. Its impact was akin to that of not having existed at all. Where the lava inconvenienced people, they just removed it or built a wall preventing it from flowing to their lands. (my emphasis, source) – He basically built it across the farming area of the wool-moon collectors, who got annoyed and began removing it. I reckon I’m not the only trespasser here!

So I’m not expecting him to be online much, I don’t think he likes you, Minecraft.

And yet Another one of them went crazy one day and built a massive fortress with the danish flag on top.

Despite his striking architectural skills, I know he used to live in a hole in the ground, well hidden and well rural. Who knew he would turn out this feudal, gosh!

But it isn’t him, and I doubt it’s the original constructor either. It’s more likely to be someone pranking me.

I’m still to find out who…

Your speculative friend

– Ironyca Lee

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