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“Who Set it to Hardmode? I Can’t Handle Hardmode!!!” – Piglet Cried

Dear Minecraft

I am dissapointed in you.

I was looking forward to the multiplayer version with exhilaration. I was hoping that the mindscapes I had been building up, would come true. That the lights in the distance was indeed Anyone, and not just remnants of myself. That I could meet Anyone, with all the mystery and obscurity that would entail, that I could become a reinvention of Columbus. That I wouldn’t know if they would be hostile or friendly. That it would be as close to a social experiment as possible, with the unknown factors of human behaviour dictating the outcome: Lord of the Flies, Battle Royal … maybe something less dystopian.

Reality didn’t measure up  …everyone had the same spawnpoint so meeting Anyone was no big deal. It looked like everyone had comfortably settled with a form of parallel play, where we shared the world, but for the most part didn’t really play together.

I was also struggling to build my house – I wanted a sandcastle, but we all know the story of the three little piggies and the big bad wolf. The lesson goes like this: Brick is better than wood, and wood is better than hay, and hay is better than? … Better than nothing!

The fourth little piggy, who is aptly pictured to the right, died over and over again, failing to build the castle that could possibly put it near the protection of a brick house.

Too much survival – too little building.

“Who set it to hardmode? I can’t handle hardmode!!!” – Piglet cried.

So I went back to my own world, set up a doorbell in case I would ever had Anyone come to visit.

I love my own world and I love my tree house.

Your yet again hermit friend

– Ironyca Lee

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