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If You Think This Sounds Slightly Schizo, I Won’t Argue With You

Dear Minecraft

I’m not sure Anyone got my postcard and my lonelyness is growing. I’m scared.

I’m giving it another try and sent out a message in a bottle.

(Original by sparklezdtr)

As of today, I have not died yet. Because I was initially forced to wander far away from my birth place, I was too frightened that if I died, I would get lost forever, and never make it back to my sacred spot, my tree house. Thus I have been very cautious, death was just too risky.

I’m no hero in this game, and the last bit of grandieur dissapeared when I turned the difficulty setting to “peaceful”. I wanted my tree house finished and safe before I entered the battle. But even on “peaceful”, the audio plays tricks on my mind, unleashing spooky bits of music when I dig one block deeper in my mine.

I know this means there’s an underground cave system nearby, albeit with no monsters as they don’t spawn on “peaceful”, but this doesn’t stop my mind from being frightened of the unknown. I did the typical beginners error: mining the block I was standing on, which dropped me into a room with a mossed stone floor I had not seen before, a monster spawner in the middle and two chests against the walls. Overthrown by this accidental mistake, I instantly assumed that someone lived here, as their chests, identical to mine, were sitting right in front of me.

This was of course the assumption of a lunatic, I’m still in singleplayer mode.

Also, I already knew that this was a “dungeon” (when not set on peaceful, monsters would be crowding this room), and that the chests have LOOT in them! But this didn’t stop me from getting scared, I don’t know what’s wrong with me! So in panic I put down blocks, gapped the distance with ladders and rushed out and up into my tree house. I then logged out because I was too uncomfortable… and I felt a bit stupid.

As it is right now, Minecraft, you put my sensible self in a battle against my instincts. Retard reptile brain tells me things I don’t want to hear, and if you think this sounds slightly schizo, I won’t argue with you.

I later logged back in and went down my mine again to loot the chests. A saddle! I will try that out on a pig one day – Thanks Minecraft!

So you rewarded my curiosity and my superficial bravery, but this hasn’t diminished the fear. I’m still startled by my own footsteps, a cow mooing, noises.. noises everywhere, accentuated by the otherwise silent ambience. The retard brain, it can’t handle it, it puts in ghosts, old demons and shades where there are none. I hope Anyone will find the bottle…

So I decided I needed reprogramming, I needed desensitization, I needed to learn that monsters aren’t that bad and that dying can be survived – Ironically. It should be less of a punishment to die after you recently introduced a bed for me to save my spawn position in – the time was ripe.

So I put my valuable belongings into my depositories, equipped some fried porkchop and a sword and set the difficulty to “easy”. (No teasing!)

Forcing myself to go to the dark areas, I eventually ended up in close combat with every type of common monster there is. I survived the night roaming and came home with with a few treats in my bags at sun break. I should be proud but instead I had been too efficient. I wanted to die, but I had fought to survive, even with my bare hand after my sword broke. It might look like poking, but I was beating the shit out of this zombie!

A baptism of fire – yet I had to go out and do it again.

The third night a skeletal archer had me dead, and I respawned not in my comfy bed, but at my original spawn point at location nowhere. This was not what I expected. It was at the beginning of the night and the land was littered with enemies … dark, alone …Help? Anyone?

I spent the whole night wandering while managing to keep the monsters at a distance. At noon I spotted my dear tree house from a mountain top. Oh Minecraft, the sight of my blocky, poorly constructed hermit outpost was sweeter than ever.

I guess I faced my ultimate fear: Not only the fear of dying, but also getting lost in an infinite world, where no border will tell me to turn direction. I made it home.

I still hope Anyone finds the bottle… and reads my message…

Your lonely friend

– Ironyca Lee

3 comments on “If You Think This Sounds Slightly Schizo, I Won’t Argue With You

  1. Rades
    March 29, 2011

    I’m really liking these adventures! And yeah, even without monsters, Minecraft is so incredibly atmospheric. But WITH monsters, the terror can be so overwhelming. Like running out of torches when you’re miles underground, with no wood anywhere nearby… *shudder*

    If I might make a suggestion! One of the things I do is build a safe tunnel from the starting point to my base, just a little enclosed trench even. It can make those panic runs back to safety so much less stressful.

    I really like these posts, hope you continue for a while. :D

    Speaking of your nomad theory from last time, have you seen this blog? It’s about someone who never stays in one spot, but travels “towards dawn” each day. :D

    • ironyca
      March 30, 2011

      I’m glad you’re entertained :D
      And yeah, as you read, I’m concerned about my mental health!

      I read the Towards Dawn project, what a good example of the many play styles that naturally occur when the options are left open enough.

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