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Maybe This is Paradise

Dear Minecraft

My sudden birth into your world was unceremonious and quickly forgotten – then again, who would celebrate with me, there’s no one else here. Despite the fact I distinctly pressed singleplayer and play offline, this perception is constantly challenged. The torches I myself left in the mountains appear as signifiers of another civilization: “If there’s a light, someone must be there” my mind ponders.

There is only me…

But at night, the lost citizens of this civilization come out to haunt me, not from the light, but from the shadows. Who are they, where did they come from, were they once human like me?

Despite the fact I can tell I’m a beefy man from the “uurgh” sound I make, when I take damage, I’ve made a treehouse, and like a scared child I dissapear into my fancy looking den with yellow and orange wool carpeting when dusk arrives. With no cartoon magazines to ease my mind, I stare out the windows until the sun rises and I can safely come down again.

My biome is fertile, green and has a lot of mini islands. I have chosen my spot in paradise.

But here’s an idea for you Minecraft. Your playstyle suggest I should have a few stable bases where I can return for night time safety. My playing pattern is to branch out, go explore a little, search for minerals most often by mining downwards, grow my private mini farm, but always return home at the end of the day.

I like playing with the idea of building a summer house, a log cabin, maybe a hobbit hole, but what I would really like to see some day, is a mode with an incentive from you Minecraft, for me to become not only a settler, but also a nomad.

Your new best friend

– Ironyca Lee

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