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What a Slacker I am!

Dear Farmville

We’ve spent some time together now, a little bit every day since I started seeing you. You’re not that interested in reeaally hanging out like me and GTA does, instead you want to make appointments, you would much rather hang out regularly in small doses than for hours …are you trying to tell me I’m boring?

You say to me “see you tomorrow”, or you ask if you can send me an email when my crops are ready for harvesting, whereafter you expect me to promptly pop by and say hi – “HIII Farmville”.

Yeah, you’re always super excited when I do, you actually pay me a small and peculiar amount of coins when I go to the “Model Farm”. And yes, I get your point: “Please stop by once every day”.

I had a feeling you were obsessive, but I didn’t know how eager you were at teaching me how to manage my time. You’re not just the friend I don’t want to me seen with, (and indeed I did have to tell you continuously NOT to “share” all kinds of simple and noobish level 5 garden stuff with the whole of Facebook) you’re also astonishingly adult and organized …does this reflect back on the general company you keep? Whenever I want to sow something nice in my garden, you make sure to let me know in an orderly manner, how long things take to grow, and of course what it costs, how much I earn and how much xp i gain by doing it.

You appeal so much to order, organization and managament, that I had to rebel!

I chose a purple mohawk, some random clothing (i.e. you did not present ripped jeans nor a leather jacket to me) and a facial expression that resembles teenage angst – at least that’s what I aimed for. I’m still deeply dissapointed you did not offer me a UNIBROW, it’s my signature!!

I feel the next picture perfectly portrays my first relog into Farmville.

I know now that you were teaching me a lesson: “If you don’t manage your time well, your produce will wither and you will lose coins”. Yeah I know Farmville, I’m such a slacker. But don’t get me wrong, the picture tells the story – the distressed look on my face, how misplaced I look in my own garden and of course, it was strawberries I let rot …I love strawberries. What a slacker I am!

Yours, sincerely

– Ironyca Lee

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