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You’re the Friend I Don’t Want To Be Seen With

Dear Farmville

It’s a bit late at the time I’m writing this, I’m not sure whether you’re up for it right now, I’m a little tired myself and I don’t know yet if you’re a total party animal, keeping people up at night. If you are, I’d be thoroughly surprised.

Cause, to be honest with you Farmville, you’re the friend I don’t want to be seen with. You’re the kind of friend who pops up everywhere, you seem to know everyone, but I can’t figure out if you’re truly fun, or just kind of obsessive and sticky.

You’re also a gossipy Facebook game. What will my other friends on Facebook think of me, once I start hanging out with you? And if I know your kind right, you’ll make sure to shout out loud in detail every little thing we’ve been doing together, keeping everyone updated – it’s so embarrasing!

It’s not just that, you also have the tag of casual and you wear it like a crown. Perhaps you havn’t noticed, but more often than not casual is opposed to hardcore, and you can tell me which one sounds cooler. It’s about my reputation Farmville, what will all the skilled gamers at school think when they see us together?

That’s why we have to keep our friendship a secret for as long as possible, and before we can really do much, you will have to promise to keep your mouth shut …sorry.

However, that gardening thing… I kinda like gardening, and as I live in an apartment right now, I don’t have a garden. But you can give me one, right Farmville? We can garden together!!! I appreciate qualities of governance, establishment and growth in games, I enjoy watching beauty and hard work bloom.

This is why I’m determined to see if we can get along, despite my prejudice …because maybe I’ll actually like you afterall.

I’ll see you soon!

Kind Regards

– Ironyca Lee

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