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Sooo… why do you play a character with the opposite gender of your own? – Gender-bending pt. 1

The Gender-bending series is based on the result of my own little survey, attempting to map all the motivations of WoW-players playing a character of the opposite gender. Each part deals with a certain aspect of gender-bending in games.


Part 1: Advertizing the survey
Part 2: Throwing myself to the lions….I mean trolls!


Part 3: The Spectacle of Play and Characters
Part 4: Avoiding Clones
Part 5: To Wear or to Not Wear Robes
Part 6: Bring the Player, not the Gender
Part 7: Uniqueness and the Trademark of the Female Dwarf
Part 8: In Game Advantages
Part 9: For the Love of Names


Part 10: Summing it Up

I am writing an assignment for a course and I need to pass it, therefore I need your help.
It’s very simple, I’ve made a survey!
I timed how long it takes to complete, and 5 minutes is pretty accurate.

I’m writing about motivations for choosing to make and play characters of the opposite gender than your own in World of Wacraft, which is actually rather common, especially for male players.
If any of you women have a dude character, I would very much appreciate your responses too, as females who play male characters are more rare. Even if it’s an old inactive level 15 alt, it still counts, as I’m going by a very broad definition of what so called “gender-bending” is.

I am not asking for names or anything nor tracking IP addresses – it’s completely anonymous.

I apologize for the the ad banners, just ignore them (they are the reason this service is free to use).

Here’s the link:

Survey closed

If you havn’t done the good deed of the day yet, help me by filling it out or spread it to your friends (who of course play WoW).

If any of you are interested in this kind of stuff, I intend to post a follow up of my results here on the blog. It won’t  be untill after the 15th of December, as I’ll have to write the whole report before then.

Thanks in advance!

The Aftermath – Advertizing on the forums

Pt. 2 Throwing myself to the lions….I mean trolls! – Gender-bending pt. 2

3 comments on “Sooo… why do you play a character with the opposite gender of your own? – Gender-bending pt. 1

  1. Zinn
    November 28, 2010

    This is a really interesting topic. I try to explore these kind of subjects myself occasionally, it’s one of the reasons I love to play WoW so much!

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