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Celebrating the Apocalyptic Shattering

You’ve probably been there before –  in the cathedral on your knees crying and praying about the end of the world, right? Tuesday/wednesday’s weekly server restart can be quite frightening for some, especially Azerothians, to a lesser extent the players.

Well this time server shutdown was indeed apocalyptic, especially the chat channels! The above picture shows the gathering of people on my server in Park District. I couldn’t figure out if we were celebrating or cowering in fear together, but judging from the screenshots, anything exciting that happens in WoW, especially world events, are a good excuse to gather up, throw some aoe effects around and shoot fireworks, and not to forget, yell obscene things. Consider these “last” words from the Stormwind citizens.

Notice the speech bubble saying “Oh, I’m just trying to drink you pretty“? Yeah, that guy is a perfect example of the just weird and attention-seeking people that love any occasion where they can get the slightest sense of an audience and this guy didn’t hold back. I mean, this would have to be planned and macro’ed in advance…

It’s all posted at 3:00, which equals a good old spam right when the servers go down. It very much looks like lyrics, but I’m still left to wonder what message this guy was trying to get across…

To minutes earlier he had a more suitable mood going, that is the usual cathedral screaming.

Even though this guy was pretty convinced we would die… or whatever his point was, everyone just got ported to the Stockades entrance, which really disappointed me. I was hoping for a more realistic outcome where everyone logging back into Stormwind would be dead and had to ressurect at the graveyard. That’s right I’m really on this guys team – DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I hope all of you had a great party before the dawn of the new world.

One comment on “Celebrating the Apocalyptic Shattering

  1. Tabathine
    November 26, 2010

    The horde gathered on the roof of the Org Bank, and it served me well because I found the Blood Elf Rogue I needed to get my pet Turkey, 30 secs before server shutdown. We logged back in to a very, very awesome looking Org. I wasn’t sure if I was inside the city or outside it. I have yet to see the new SW.

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