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This is Unconventional Gameplay at it’s best! – “Premade of Doom”

I previously wrote the post entitled “So, why do you play WoW? And how do you convey this to others?”, where I listed different thrills people get from the game.

There’s one which I’d like to elaborate on, because it sums up a creativity that can expand on the general idea of how you’re supposed to play WoW, and that is what I previously called “unconventional ways to have fun in the game“.

A perfect example is Falcore (from Moonglade EU) and his “Premades of Doom”, of which you can see the three part series underneath. If you’re doubting they’ll be worthwhile – trust me, those three videoes are hilarious!

The idea is basically to be silly and have fun, but it’s also entertaining to see them testing the Horde’s reaction to the unexpected and clearly gimmicky group of Alliance players. Some would attack them without blinking an eye, but you also see others being inspired by this, as with the orc breaking into Hammer time dancing in the middle of Arathi Basin in a sheer spark of party mood (featured in Premade of Doom 2).

MMO’s are virtual spaces with room for expression, you don’t have to play the intended way. Like Falcore says on the Youtube description of the videoes, they did it as a tribute to the boring grind, that is, Battlegrounds.

This is by no means the only example out there. My point with this post, besides spreading some really funny WoW videoes, is also to make other players think of how they can spice up what can sometimes seem like a daily routine in the game. The moments where you yourself redefine how you play, and parody the usual way we play WoW (like the Premades of Doom), can be just as much fun as conventional gameplay.

2 comments on “This is Unconventional Gameplay at it’s best! – “Premade of Doom”

  1. Tabathine
    October 30, 2010

    That was awesome. My GM was just trying to figure out what fun thing we can do as a guild. I am so sending him to this post. But some fun things I like to do when I’m bored is coercing my guildies into doing silly achievements. My favorite is dragging them to Howling Fjord and telling them to start killing turkeys for no apparent reason. It’s priceless when the ‘OMG! Taba! The Turkeys are turning into turkey dinners! HAHAHA! ACK! There attacking me!’ comes.

  2. Vaneeesa Blaylock
    November 7, 2010

    WoW, so cool!

    This makes me think about what sort of Performance Art we might do in WoW!?

    It never occurred to me that the work we’ve done in Second Life was “SL Based” work… I always thought it was just the work we wanted to make… the ideas we wanted to explore… and SL was just the platform… like putting your video on YouTube or Vimeo or Blip etc… there’s a few platform differences, but it’s mostly your video!

    Perhaps our work has been more “about SL” than I realize… and perhaps a compelling WoW piece would need to be more deeply engaged in the world than I realize.

    Hmm… lots to think about! :)

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