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Bringing you news from the front: Disco in battlegrounds

Screw shadow, I tried out Discipline in a few battlegrounds tonight, and it was hilarious. As disc I usually tank a lot, and sometimes healing in PvP is all about keeping myself live, while everyone else (hopefully) kills the opponents. Of course I had to priest-tank again tonight, and I actually survived quite well (and I’m not in arena gear).

So far my experience is that disc still works wonders in battlegrounds. It felt quick and powerful, like the old spec. Having an increased Penance cooldown was fine, only thing missing, which I hear everywhere from Discipline priests – was the instant heal of Desperate Prayer.

And smiting, I did it! I was up against a paladin one on one, and was expecting the worst. I started noticing how little damage I took, and thought I might as well give him a hard time, and the guy went down! To my annoyance, a swift mage ported in from a nearby graveyard and bursted down what was left of him. I really wanted that killing blow!

In honor of my priest, I made her a small banner. You can tell by her expression, she means business.

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