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Patch 4.0.1, what am I gonna do with you?

Yes, 4.0.1 is a naughty patch! You make my WoW life difficult. I am so clueless now. When I press play, it sounds like the doors to hell just opened. Patch 4.0.1 why so serious?

However it is a good excuse to go to Exodar (for once) and train on the dummies. I have two characters at 80 that I will focus on in Cataclysm, my discpriest and my elemental shaman. I have very distinct preferences when it comes to play style.

In PvP I play Discipline. I enjoy healing in PvP and don’t feel as lousy when I die, I like being the benefactor. Naturally I wanted to play discipline again, especially with he notion of this bling bling spell:

Power Word: Barrier. On the priest forum however, some players are saying healing is too underpowered compaired to the damage output most dps do now. We all knew balance would be messed at least for a while.

Right now to me, it looks like I to buff myself with Arch Angel (to get these nice wings), must smite! Like a super hybrid healing AND dps’ing in a spec that actually supports both! I rubbed my hands thinking this perhaps was my time to be the upper dog.

At this time, it takes me around two seconds to cast smite. Two seconds, although sounding short, is in WoW terms especially in PvP, a very long time (let alone very prone to interrupts). I didn’t actually try it out in PvP. I didn’t dare. (I did later, here’s how it went: Bringing you news from the front: Disco in battlegrounds)

Instead I tried out shadow! I used to play shadow in both PvP and PvE in Burning Crusade, and shadow had issues in PvP for a good while. It wasn’t unusual to see an opponent (often a warrior) charge into a group of players, me in the middle or even at the back, and slam me down in seconds, before anyone, let alone me, could do much. Shadow in PvP back then was very dependant on luck. Blackout (a short stun) was a chance on hit with mindblast, while fear was easily resisted by many.

Today, shadow has lots of tools against both spellcasters and melee. So I went into Warsong Gulch and dotted like crazy. As a spooky omen, the first horde I killed was an elemental shaman. I then killed a warlock, and then a warrior and then the elemental again and then… I died – lots. I had been laughing haughtily right up till then, thinking I was way overpowered, and I guess I should have seen hubris coming.

In PvE I play Elemental, and they have also been given blingy stuff, like Earthquake.

It’s so visual, that it almost can be regarded spell-spamming. It’s such a dominating spell effect, that it must be annoying to others, especially in raids where lots of stuff is going on.

My dps was painfully low, but with a little reforging, it turned out nice. Playing elemental, which was a very simple rotation before, has turning into proc-hell. I have two random procs to watch now, making my eyes glued to my spellbar (I need to get some addon for this later).

It reminded  me of the play style that used to be the shadowpriest way in Burning Crusade. You didn’t have a rotation, but a priority. That is how my elemental works now and I don’t like it. It is so hard for me to feel that I’m doing a good job, cause the speed of my decisions are faster than I can account for. I just do stuff, mostly according to the priority, but not always. My attention span is invested in doing the priority, that I barely harvest the pleasure of watching elemental overload shooting off. Maybe I will go back to playing a shadowpriest again.

Right now we have to remember that you, patch 4.0.1, are meant for Cataclysm, and that you will look better when the expansion is actually out.

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