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Strongest of the Horde (massive Rp-PvP event)

You! Hey you there! You look like a person who can handle yourself! Someone to fight in the championship, to prove your worth! Money, fame, honor and glory!
*The Forsaken hands you a flyer*
Strongest of the Horde IV… You’ve heard the legends, kid. Now, it is time to live them.” (Strongest of the Horde IV)

A total of 70 brave fighters of the horde faced each other off in fierce combat at the Gurubashi Arena for the title “Strongest of the Horde”.

The roleplay-pvp event is an annual occurance, perhaps also the event with the largest pool of participants on Argent Dawn (EU), covering both factions.

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I attended, not as a fighter, but as a spectator, and the above pictures are screenshots of mine, Tardon (the organizer), Ahake and Tsathoggua, posted in the SOTH forum thread – Strongest of the Horde IV – FINISHED!

I can only say that it was an amazing event, I was top entertained. The thrill of wathcing the duels, merged with the presence of so many people and how well organized it was –  made it an elevating experience beyond your average play day.

Through donations and entrence fees, the winner of the competition won 45.000 gold.

And the winner this year? – Gabbart – Warlock (SOTH4)

Previous winners:

Hidrasactum – Warlock (SOTH1)
Nelithar – Warlock (SOTH2)
Bearforce, Priest & Wolfcharmer, Shaman (SOTH3, tie)

This years contest was set on the 27th of March 2010, from 20:00 – 01:00. Judging from the size of the audience, my estimate would be around 400-500 people, all gathered within the Arena.

Did it inspire you? Tardon has done Strongest of the Horde since vanilla, so I would regard his event guide thread as a valuable resource: Tardies Guide to Promoting Events

For more information, I can also direct you to the Argent Archives post

Or, next year, come visit us!

4 comments on “Strongest of the Horde (massive Rp-PvP event)

  1. Bryan
    May 3, 2010

    I don’t know if I have ever seen that many people, in one spot, at one time, in WoW. Good post.

  2. ironyca
    May 4, 2010

    I hadn’t seen that many in one spot earlier either. Sadly it sparks a lot of lag with that many people, which made the pvp harder for the fighters.
    Still even with the lag, totally worth it.

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