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The Innocent Noob

Everyone has met a noob in WoW. Everyone has been a noob in WoW – at some point. There’s only so much you can learn about the game, without actually playing it, and to a certain degree, I prefer playing WoW over studying it. Sometimes going from noobhood into greater knowledgehood takes some studying though.

So noobs are an inevitable part of playing WoW, that is, if you venture into the social sphere when fx doing an instance.

Since I’m certain you’ve met one, I’m also certain that you’ve noticed how very different they can be, despite the fact they all share the current fate of belonging to the noob category.

Let me introduce you to the concept of “The Innocent Noob”.

The best example of the perfect innocent noob, is this hunter who posted on the hunter’s forum for help with her dps.

“[…] However, over the past three days, I’ve started having people in PUGs with me telling me that my DPS is crap. With the exception of one very nice fellow last night, all of these individuals have also been quite rude in general (to me as well as the other members of the group) so I had a hard time, initially, figuring out whether they were being serious or whether they were just being a jerk. […]” ( Level 76 Hunter…told my DPS sucks? :()

It’s not uncommon to meet people who’s expectations are way above yours as to how you’re supposed to fit into the gameplay of whatever party/raid you’re engaged in. But were those critisizing on to something?

The aforementioned hunter then continues:

“Seems my Armory profile hasn’t updated yet (still says I’m level 75) so for reference, my DPS at the moment is 367.0 with Dragonhawk and a food buff.

Obviously the dps this hunter claims to be doing, sparks a bit of confusion from the replying hunters – autoshot alone should be doing more.

The original hunter poster then replies:

“I’m not talking about my TOTAL DPS OUTPUT during a fight. I’m talking about the DPS figure on your character pane, when you hover over your ranged damage. Yours, for example, is 336.2 according to your Armory page.”

I took a screenshot to show what she meant:

Quite funny and quite innocent. The confusion was solved, and the hunter was asked to get Recount and post her dps result after shooting at a target dummy. She did, and hit 1147 dps, which is fine. She recieves a bit of helpful information about rotations and pets, and there’s your happy ending.

What I noticed though, was her attitude. Quoting her again:

“As I said, I am not overly concerning myself with being the absolute top uber-leet DPSer for my level; I simply want to make sure there are no glaring errors I’m making, and I want to pull my own weight. (My emphasis)

Despite the noobish impression, this hunter gave, digging a bit deeper, she surely isn’t as ignorant as she first seemed. She has the insight about her imperfections and most importantly, the will to improve and do better.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind when running into a noob – they might be innocent – and often very thankful, if you take your time to help them out politely.

2 comments on “The Innocent Noob

  1. Tabathine
    October 31, 2010

    TY for this post. I have to say, I was this hunter, for all intent and purpose. I even posted on a forum asking for help (when I first read the quote, I was afraid it really WAS me)(just to be clear, it wasn’t). I was new to WoW entering a well extablished server, and people constantly commented on my DPS, which, I’ll admit, sucked. But I’ll also admit that I had no idea what DPS meant, or where mine should be at. In instances I simply kept quiet through all the ‘huntard’ name calling, and figured that it was because I was still new to the game, and practice would make perfect. Turns out you also need to do a bit of research (ie, figure out what you should be stacking, what glyphs to use, and whats the best rotation for your spec), and it was only when one kind person decided to help me by pointing me to a Hunter site that I really started to understand what it meant to be a hunter. But people also have to remember that Newbies (I have never called a newbie a noob) don’t have the gear as well. No BoA’s. No 450 LW alt supplying gear, no boatloads of gold to buy whatever they need from the AH. My best advice to Newbies: Find a friend in-game that you can trust to answer your newbie questions, and find a site dedicated to your class that you can bookmark and reference at will.

  2. ironyca
    October 31, 2010

    Haha, if it really had been you, the message would have been that you were a good player deep down, so it’s okay either way ;)

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